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NATO Secretary General Invited to Congress: Politics Daily

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The Cost of Impeachment: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that she’s not in favor of impeaching Trump, in a recent interview with The Washington Post Magazine, arguing that the president is “not worth” the national divisions an impeachment trial would cause. A counterpoint: In The Atlantic’s March cover story, Yoni Appelbaum made the case for launching impeachment proceedings, arguing that Congress has a duty to bring the debate over Trump’s fitness for office “out of the court of public opinion and into Congress, where it belongs.”

It’s Tax Season: Most Americans won’t cheat on their income taxes; they’ll pay exactly what they owe. Why are Americans such sticklers for tax law? Rene Chun explains in the forthcoming April issue of The Atlantic.

Inherited Circumstances: The effects of teenage motherhood span generations, according to a new study: Children whose grandmothers had teen pregnancies are more likely to underperform in school, even if their own mothers gave birth as adults. That probably has to do with the persistent effects of intergenerational poverty, reports Alia Wong.

Immigration: David Frum argues in The Atlantic’s April issue that “if liberals insist that only fascists will enforce borders, then voters will hire fascists to do the job liberals refuse to do.” He writes: “The question before the United States and other advanced countries is not: Immigration, yes or no? … The questions to ask are: How much? What kind?”

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Madeleine Carlisle and Olivia Paschal


Senator Bernie Sanders meets with Sarah Bass of Boone, Iowa, after a campaign rally in Des Moines. (Matthew Putney / AP)

Ideas From The Atlantic

The Western Erasure of African Tragedy (Hannah Giorgis)

“Western publications engaged in selective reporting about the deceased. The Washington Post, for example, led its homepage coverage Sunday with a headline that informed readers only that ‘Eight Americans among 157 people killed in Ethiopian Airlines crash.’ (The Washington metropolitan area has the largest population of Ethiopian descent outside the country itself.)” → Read on.

Is It Time to Worry About the Boeing 737 Max 8? (James Fallows)

“Modern accidents almost always involve some strange, improbable, edge-case conditions, precisely because so many of the “normal” risks have been studied and prevented with redundant safety features. So no one knows, yet, what happened in the Ethiopian Airlines disaster, and anyone who feigns certainty now should be viewed with wariness.” → Read on.

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