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Parenthood Is More Likely to Make You Happy If You’re a Man

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Too often, it appears, parenthood is a burden for women, while men experience it as a delightful addition to their lives.

An array of social problems would be mitigated if we could reduce the number of angry, unhappy men. But how? New research offers a simple answer: fatherhood. 

The results of three studies with a total of more than 18,000 participants suggest that parenthood is hugely beneficial to men in terms of overall well-being. For women, the results are much more mixed.

“Fathers, but not mothers, are happier than their childless counterparts,” reports a research team led by psychologist S. Katherine Nelson-Coffey of The University of the South–Sewanee. “Whereas fatherhood was associated with greater happiness and daily uplifts, along with stronger feelings of connectedness, motherhood was associated with greater hassles and lower levels of positive emotions.” 

That’s right, ladies: You have to endure the rigors of pregnancy and giving birth, while fathers get most of the subsequent benefits. You’re welcome. 

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