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Michael Cohen Testifies Before Congress: Politics Daily

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Is He Telling the Truth?: Cohen faced questions from Republicans and Democrats, who both probed the fact that Cohen has admittedly lied in the past. Democrats asked him to speculate about the president, and Republicans questioned his credibility. Here are some of his noteworthy remarks:

1. “There was nothing that happened at the Trump Organization … that did not go through Mr. Trump with his approval and sign-off.” In an exchange with Democratic Representative Carolyn Maloney, Cohen described how Trump oversaw all goings-on within his businesses, including, allegedly, hush-money payments to women he had affairs with.

2. “Ask Ms. Patton how many people who are black are executives at the Trump Organization? And the answer is zero,” Cohen said, arguing with Republican Representative Mark Meadows about whether the president was racist.

3. There was “no doubt in my mind,” Cohen said when Chairman and Democratic Representative Elijah Cummings asked whether he had “any doubt” that President Trump knew a check he had written was used to reimburse Cohen’s hush-money payment to a woman Trump had an affair with.

4. “Look at what happened to me. I had a wonderful life. I have a beautiful wife and two amazing children. I achieved financial success by the age of 39. I didn’t go to work for Mr. Trump because I had to. I went to work for him because I wanted to. And I’ve lost it all,” he said, expressing regret over his work for Trump.

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Madeleine Carlisle and Elaine Godfrey


A WWII veteran celebrating his 100th birthday at Michael Cohen's hearing

Sidney Walton, a World War II veteran celebrating his 100th birthday outside of Michael Cohen’s hearing. (Elaine J. Godfrey via Twitter)

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