Future of technology is divine. What if we have to live in past.

Future of technology is divine. What if we have to live in past.

Sometimes the technology has no power.Its you, who got the powers, so use it wisely

Today I got up with more frustration than ever before ,I know what you are thinking. Good question, you are thinking this guy might be having routine procrastination problem or else millennial problem. But who cares…

Wait….. Wait…. Wait….there!!! this is not my problem. You will get to know…….

Read On !!! Don’t hesitate

Go On!!!

This morning I got up at 10 am, again late to work. I missed the alarm that to again. Oh god! I put 10 snoozes but of no use. I have to come to terms with myself. Again blabbering…wait there, I am scolding my mind

Not able to find my mobile, checked everywhere in the house but of no use. Asked my maid also, guess what, no use.May be I forgot it in the office. I have to take it light, its not that big deal, its just a mobile.

So thought to put a mail to my beloved boss of my late coming. But I am not able to find my laptop also. Oh god, crazy day that to too early!!!

I also don’t have my colleagues mobile numbers written and I am poor with remembering them. If I didn’t sell off my telephone few years back, it could have saved my day. (***I could have saved the contact numbers in written form)

Whoa, Whoa, finally left the home.

Ohh.. Ohhh what i am seeing, am I in another world. No this can’t happen.What are the people searching and why are they shouting like a crazy ones.

I somehow managed and asked to a calm person beside me while waiting for the Taxi.

There are searching for there phones. Whatttttttt the beep.

What the shit happened, I thought.

Finally, reached the office trying to hide my face from my beloved boss. But he is also shouting shouting, screaming behaving like a mad person. Actually not only him but whole office. The office is empty, no computers, no laptops, no mobiles and no servers. What’s happening I screamed in my mind, that is too loud.

Am I dreaming? Am I in parallel universe. This can’t happen. And I heard some-one talking, that these gadgets are boycotted and gone to space to another planet. This is ridiculous. That’s, what I thought. May be there are fair number of chances in the future.

What can we do now? May be reverse engineering. I want to use this term, hope you enjoyed this blog. Lets meet in next time. Till then, think what we can do with no digital network available.

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