Tribal Art Forms at India Art Fair 2019

The 2019 edition of the India Art Fair is on view through February 3, 2019, in New


Tribal Art Forms, collaboration between two contemporary galleries Blueprint 12

and Exhibit 320, which promotes folk and tribal art forms, is showing North East

art at the India Art Fair.

According to the press release, titled “EASTERN I/EYE,” the exhibition showcases

sculptures by Lanu Pongen from Nagaland and Siva Prasad Marar from Assam;

photography on Konyak tribe by Anu Malhotra, and textile arts of the region by

Ajungla Imchen in her “Embroidered Dialogue” series. The first of its kind, where

the focus is not on the ethnographic aspect of Northeast India, but on the arts of

the region, the show throws light on the plethora of sculptural traditions.

Also on display are the textile arts of the region, both traditional mores as well as

contemporary interpretations by Ajungla Imchen in her “Embroidered Dialogue”

series. These textiles are a beautiful blend of Naga imagery in Kantha embroidery

from West Bengal. Adding to the visual element are some remarkable portraits of

the Konyak tribes by Anu Malhotra, the renowned filmmaker and artist.

Siva Prasad Marar is a young painter and sculptor in the Contemporary art world

of Assam. Marar belongs to the impoverished tea tribes of Assam, who work on

the tea estates. Originally from a different part of India, the tea tribes brought

their own culture with them which has been assimilated with that of Assam.

Therefore, although Siva Marar’s family has been in Assam for three generations,

he is not an indigenous Assamese and his works speaks of a search for cultural

and political identity. Many of his paintings and sculptures (metal, resin, and

wood) are based on the tea plant and there is a very strong feminine component

in his work.


A multi-faceted personality, documentary filmmaker, writer, photographer and

artist-Anu Malhotra has developed a distinctive technique of painting. She pours

colors on to canvas, tilting it at diverse angles to allow the hues to collide, merge

and flow, thus forming shapes and patterns, creating contexts that can be

interpreted in a myriad ways. “The artist’s inspiration is drawn from the natural

world and her travels in India. Her style is spontaneous and instinctive. She does

not work from pre-conceived thumbnails or sketches, but allows each creation to

flow through intuitively, creating abstract designs and styles. Each work is

therefore unique and cannot be replicated,” states the release.

Ajungla Imchen has exhibited some of her works in Maison Du Governeur in

France and the India International Centre (ICC) in Delhi.

Lanu Pongen has produced at least a thousand artworks, some of which are part

of collection in museums across the world including the Museum of Archaeology

and Anthropology, Cambridge, United Kingdom.

The fair is on view through February 3, 2019, at NSIC Exhibition Grounds, Okhla,

New Delhi.

For details visit:

Click on the slideshow for a sneak peek at the fair.

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