Three Tricks I’ve Learned From A Year Of Cat Ownership

1. Cat hair removal.

Cat hair is one of the banes of my existence. It gets everywhere and you only notice it right as you’re about to go into a business meeting*. What can you do when you don’t have a lint roller?

*Note: this section was inspired by true events.

Photo by Timothy Meinberg on Unsplash

Solution: wet your fingers and drag them down the hair-covered item of clothing. This is a bit gross but incredibly effective at removing the cat hair from your black business attire in a pinch.

Bonus, you can collect all the hair and make it into a tiny felt version of your cat. Kidding.

Not really kidding.

2. Old receipts are your new best friend.

Don’t have time or money to shop for the brand new all-singing, all-dancing, laser-ing sparkly toy for your cat? You are not alone.

Photo by Mikhail Vasilyev on Unsplash

Luckily, cats have no concept of money or value so literally anything which catches their attention can make a good toy.

Solution: paper receipts. Crumple these up into a loose ball, crinkle it in front of you cat and watch as they go f*cking nuts for this worthless scrap of paper.

Our cat Astrid is especially into these and will toss them around in the apartment for hours. She likes laser pointers, sure, but what really gets her going is a nasty old receipt hiding out under the fridge.

Cats are fools, y’all. Take advantage.

3. Hydrate those thirsty cats with running water fountains.

My cats are not fans of still water, unless it is the cup right next to my bedside table.

Oh, how many times I woke up to see a cat looming in the darkness and hearing slurp slurp slurp as they greedily guzzled my water.

In fact, lots of you may find that you struggle to get cats to drink enough out of bowls. Ours would always get this gross film of dust on the top after a day or so.

This can cause health problems too — I was lucky in that ours were fine, but I’ve heard horror stories.

Solution: When I saw both the cats interested in running water (they actually jumped in the shower with me), I looked into getting a cat water fountain. The first I saw was the CatMate and worked fine, though it didn’t fit in with our ~decor~. (No cat accessories ever do somehow.)

Photo by Chen Yi Wen on Unsplash

But then I found this one at Miaustore which is a much more neutral color, and the cats are obsessed with it.

They still love poaching from my bedside water, though.

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