How to let your admin assistant know that the air conditioning at your board meeting is too cold

How to let your admin assistant know that the air conditioning at your board meeting is too cold

As you come to the realization that the room is not going to get any warmer, slowly unzip your purse, making sure there is just enough unzipping noise that people notice but not so much that it is disruptive.

Reach into your purse and pull out your shawl. Fold the shawl in half lengthwise, very daintily. Wrap the shawl around you so that it envelopes your shivering frame. Give a look to the group as though to say, “carry on.”

Look around helplessly and wrap your shawl tighter.

Clench a hot mug of tea and blow on it, so folks know that you are drinking a very warm drink.

Take matters into your own hands: Stand up and walk over to the temperature box and press the up arrow. When this doesn’t seem to do anything, sit back down and say “sorry, just kind of chilly in here. Anyway, where were we?” At this point, glance at your admin assistant.

When your assistant doesn’t seem to be taking the hint, you need to take up the intensity.

Vigorously rub your hands together.

Reach into your purse again and pull out your cashmere winter hat. Pull the hat down over your ears and retreat into your shawl.

Glance at your assistant. She seems to be taking notes and not looking up. Is she doing this intentionally? Is this passive aggression?

Dip your hands in your tea and breathe a sigh of relief.

Ignore inquisitive looks and move along with the agenda. You’re an unfazed professional!

At this point, you may be feeling warm, but you must continue until your assistant notices.

A woman across the table gives you a knowing look (FINANLLY!) and takes out her sweatshirt. She puts the sweatshirt on underneath her blazer (wow, take a page from her book) and pulls the hood over her head.

You look at each other. It’s time. You say to your assistant, “Cassie, is there ANYTHING we can do about this air conditioning? People are freezing in here!”

Cassie says, “K, I’ll text the building manager.”

You lean back in your chair and smile. Another hard day’s work.

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