Auction Preview: Marc Litzler Library at Christie’s, Paris, Feb 20

What: Marc Litzler Library

Where: Christie’s; 9 Avenue Matignon

When: February 20; 02.00 pm

Top lots of the sale:

– Matisse (H.). Jazz. Paris , It has Riade, 1947, folio, in sheets, cover, shirt and case titled publisher. Limited edition of 270 copies, all on Arches vellum, signed by the artist. Dimensions: 422 x 326 mm. Estimate: EUR 200,000 – EUR 300,000 (USD 228,169 – USD 342,254)

– Du Rer (A.). Apocalypsis cu [m] figuris, [at the end: Nurnbergk , 1498 ( M CCC and darnach im XCVIII.Jar )], folio of 16 ff., Half-vellum white with corners, with Bradel, smooth back ( binding) old). Estimate: EUR 150,000 – EUR 200,000 (USD 171,127 – USD 228,169)

– Cendrars (Bl.) – Delaunay (S.). The Prose of the Transsiberian and the little Jehanne of France. Concurrent colors of Mrs. Delaunay-Terk. Paris , Editions new Men , 1913 , 4 sheets (approx. 513 x 360 mm), assembled and folded concertina format 180 x 100 mm, under thick white parchment cover painted. Estimate: EUR 150,000 – EUR 200,000 (USD 171,127 – USD 228,169)

– Hours in the use of Troyes. Langres , [ca 1480], manuscript on parchment, I white + 154 ff. + I white, textura writing with 13 long lines, justification 104 x 71 mm (ff 35v °, 36v ° and 138r ° -138v ° white), tawny calf on cold-stamped wooden boards, decoration with St. John the Evangelist and two peacocks supporting a shield, back nerves, gilt edges ( binding of the XVI th cen key ). Estimate: EUR 60,000 – EUR 80,000 (USD 68,451 – USD 91,268)

– Fridolin (S.). The treasure chest or shrine of the goods was richly sanctified and called eternal bliss. Nuremberg, Anton Koberger, 1491, folio 353 ff., Signed a-z6 (a6 blc), ab-ad6, ae8, A-Z6, Aa-Gg6, Hh10 (Hh10 blc), brown calf on wooden boards , dishes decorated with a cold stamped decoration of plant and animal motifs in frames of nets, at the corners and in the center, five broths of copper, on the first dish, title of the book in worn golden letters, back to nerves adorned with a repeating pattern of repeated cold roses, natural slices, traces of elaborate clasps ( binding of the era ). Estimate: EUR 60,000 – EUR 80,000 (USD 68,451 – USD 91,268)

– Jamnitzer (Chr.). Nuremberg , L ‘ Author , 1610 , three parts by volume 4to oblong 65 ff. not. chiff. (three titles engraved, 2 ff. printed (dedication and privilege) and 60 engraved plates), painted dried ox blood vellum, natural sections, traces of bonds ( German binding of ‘e era ). Estimate: EUR 60,000 – EUR 80,000 (USD 68,451 – USD 91,268)

– Vesalius (A). From the human body fabrica. Basle, J. Oporinus, 1555, folio 443 ff. sign. a-z6, A-V6, X2, Y-Z6, 2a6, 2b6, 2c-2z6, Aa8, Bb-Ee6, sct. [XII], 824 and [48], vellum ivory corded flaps on the first initial flat and date [ICFD – 1667] gilded letters and numbers, smooth spine blue slices. Estimate: EUR 50,000 – EUR 70,000 (USD 57,042 – USD 79,859)

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Click on the slideshow for the highlights of the sale.

Founder: Louise Blouin

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