Social and Solitary Animals and it’s implications on human behaviour.

Social and Solitary Animals and it’s implications on human behaviour.

The animal kingdom can be broadly divided into 2 main categories based on their social behaviour, solitary animals and social animals. The terms are self explanatory so I won’t elaborate it further. Humans, as might have figured it by now, are social animals.

For a social animal, living in groups serves as a survival tool. Here, a social animal has evolved in such a way so as to develop physical and psychological traits that help them live and function in groups. Let me discuss about some of the psychological traits of solitary and social animals, because later I will be discussing how the streets helped our ancestors in the past but are now creating some problems for us as their environments have slightly changed but we still have those same traits. I am not saying that the straights are completely redundant, they are useful in many ways to us but, quite often, it gets in a lot of trouble.

Look at solitary animals like tigers and regular cats. If you look at their hunting techniques they’re in a very stealth mode when there are hunting. They stalk their prey from a hidden position and they launch a surprise attack when the prey is in the right range. They captured are prayed through strategy and patience. They’re very heightened sense of awareness of the surroundings and their territory. They are reacted to the slightest of noise and movement around them.

Groupon emails on the other hand there prey in a very different way. Festival deer hunting packs instead of hunting alone. The Chase down their prey and hand them buy surrounding it. Different members of the group of different roles during the hunting process. In packs of wolves, the speedy and quick females often take on the role of herding i.e. they keep the prey within the range by moving back and forth around it. The slower but bigger and stronger male takes down the prey. In lions, the hunting groups consists of around 4–7 individuals and they are split into 2 highly specialized roles. In all cases of group hunting, there is a high level of cooperation amongst thenlbers of the group, something which you find in solitary hunters.

The presence of complex social heirarchies is also very evident in case of social animals. These are some of the psychological traits that these animals possess which helps them survive in the wild AND it served our human ancestors in the past very well.

But in the 21st century, the environment where we live is quite different. But I still have the same Instincts and behaviour within us. these instincts the turtle ancestors survive in the past are now really causing us a lot of trouble. Let me just go through a few examples.

Let me start with the concept of social acceptance. What is social acceptance? And I do people don’t want to feel left out or neglected. this can be explained by the fact that we humans are social animals and we have developed certain psychological traits trevolution that allows us to live in social groups. So if majority in the group do not approve what you are doing or if you tend to break the rules of the group then there’s a very good chance that you will be cast aside or fall out of the group. This is threatening to your existence and as a social animal you don’t have the ability to do everything that is needed for survival on your own. Hence you will resort to conformity so that the group accepts you. You may not feel emotionally good about doing a few that you don’t like to do, but who cares, at least you’re not alone in the forest full of predators ready to feast on you. At least you are alive to even feel bad in the first place.

So this decision to act in a way that is socially acceptable complete sense and humans are living in the wild and it still makes sense as far as primates and other animals social animals in general or concerned. But for humans, our environment it’s quite different now. if you want food you can go to the market, if you need to clothes you go to the Cloth Store. In general you can get almost any product or service that you want as long as you have money. So you are not entirely dependent on the group that you are living. there isn’t that every decision of your life has to be approved by the society. Their disapproval is not going to threaten your life. We are not living in the wild today.

At this point I have to make some clarifications. Because my critics will point out and seay that I’m suggesting everyone to be a rebel and creates chaos and disorder the society by doing whatever want feels like. No. I am not saying that at all.( To be continued…)

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