Making season 1 of the Tickets podcast

Before Tickets

Back in London in early 2017 I met a very interesting lawyer. He’d worked in a big firm and now ran his own practice specializing in IP in sports, media and entertainment.

We worked on a project together, and alongside that had some really interesting conversations on the future sports, music, brands, and the legal industry.

In one of those conversations, we compared notes on how a deal at an arena for a boxing match differed to that of a live music event. We realized both parties had a knowledge gap and that there was plenty of learning opportunities to be had for the savvy promoter, manager or agent — on either side of the fence.

Aside from being fascinated by the world he operated in as a sports, media and IP lawyer, I had a sense there was value in sharing parts of that conversation we’d had. Surely there must be plenty of other people who’d benefit from that cross-sector insight?

And so, like many good ideas… nothing happened. For a few months at least.

Fast forward to late November 2017 and I’m on a flight to Lexington, Kentucky with my wife. I can’t remember exactly what triggered it, but as we zipped across the west side of New Jersey we got chatting about this lawyer and that specific conversation I had with him. Almost as soon as I started to explain how interesting these white spaces between areas of live events was, she said ‘you should turn it into a podcast‘.

A few days later back in NYC and Tickets was born; a quick logo I knocked up in Sketch, a check to see whether I still had that free audio recording software on my laptop, and a two-line email to that lawyer. He replied, and I was in for the ride.

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