Parallels Between the Phenomenal and the Noumenal

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There’s utility in analogizing noumenal notions against phenomenal experience. It helps to put those more ethereal concepts into perspective — it helps make them terrestrial. And so, I’d like to explore the necessity of resistance in refining one’s philosophies, or rather, in not taking them too far, paralleled with physical training through martial arts or even resistance training with weights in an everyday gym.

Anyone who has ever trained by punching through air can attest that it ends up being harder and more exhausting than punching against a medium such as a bag or dummy. The same holds true for weight training. Mirroring a weight lifting motion as though bearing weight even when not can often leave one with a better “pump” than the actual thing. The reason for this is a lack of limits. With nothing to push against, one can’t metric how much effort is appropriate to exert, and so, they often end up exerting too much. This can be useful in a few situations. Yes — one may end up being able to throw an overexerted, nasty punch in a scuffle — but there’s a sacrifice when it comes to endurance.

What it comes down to is that there’s a loss of concept when it comes to principles of minimum necessary force. When sparing against a partner or punching against a bag, there is at least a notion of just how much force to apply without wasting any. Not only that, there’s feedback to the user which can help refine their blows as to not lead to their own injury. The restraint that comes under resistance is lost against air — and that’s not something one wants in a prolonged fight, or more terrestrially, under an extended gym session.

The same can be said when dealing in philosophy and political ideology, only here, we aren’t dealing with punching against air but residing in an echo chamber where one is on the receiving end of only the ideas they find palpable. In essence, this leads to a burgeoning of homogenous notions that compile and pack upon themselves over time without regulations. This leads an incredibly tipped scale in one direction — an overexertion that turns the believer into a caricature of themselves. Those that lean right will only lean more right, and those that lean left will lean left. In this state, there’s a loss of endurance that comes with the middle-ground. Call it a loss of nuance — a loss of refinement — it’s all the same.

But overall, it is facilitated by a loss of confrontation. It is facilitated by a loss of resistance.

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