Two Major Paintings from Florida’s Private Collections To Be Sold at Sotheby’s

Sotheby’s will present two major paintings, “A Dilettante” (British) and “Fleurs de printemps” (French) from private collections in Florida at their upcoming auction, ‘’19th-century European Art’’ that will be held on February 1, 2019, in New York.


“A Dilettante” by John William Godward is an oil painting on canvas and was completed in 1922. As described by Sotheby’s, the painting “demonstrates Godward’s painstaking attention to detail and dedication to faithfully reproducing objects uncovered from the ancient world. Sitting on a Roman Savonarola chair, the model’s diaphanous teal gown is so delicately rendered that her proper right leg is just barely visible through the translucent material, which cascades from her knee to her sandal like water. The table with fluted base, which resembles those found at the excavation of Pompeii, is so meticulously painted that it handily conveys the heavy, cool tactility of marble. The green foliage is lush, and the colorful poppies and lilies, studied from life, have an almost photographic realism. Indigenous to the Mediterranean region, poppies were associated with the goddess Demeter and represented fertility and bounty during the harvest. They are a motif that appears throughout Godward’s oeuvre to further emphasize the youthful beauty of the model.” The pre-auction value of this painting by William Godward is estimated around USD 400,000 — USD 600,000, and it will be a part of Lot 425 at the auction.


“Fleurs de printemps” by William Bouguereau is also an oil painting on canvas and is dated 1878. Sotheby’s notes that the painting “is an evocative depiction of youth, innocence and beauty, echoed by the intimately rendered flowers. Bouguereau’s interest in landscapes and still lifes is seen throughout his oeuvre, often including a group of oranges or apples, a bunch of grapes, or cluster of daisies, and in the present work he indulges in a lush explosion of flowers. The freshly picked verdant bundle is dotted with vivacious hues of red, pink, yellow, white and violet flowers of various species. Just like the little girl’s white chemise and clean hands and feet, the flowers appear to be free of soil and pristinely presented. Central and uncontained, they are the focus of the painting as much as she is.’’ The pre-auction value of this painting by William Bouguereau is estimated to be around USD 300,000 — USD 500,000, and it will be presented in Lot 416.

Founder: Louise Blouin


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