The Game Of Life, And What Winning It Really Means. (Thoughts Of An Older Woman)

The Game Of Life.

I was sitting at home, scrolling through the internet, when I stumbled on the picture above. It made me think. What really, is the game of life all about?

I mean, really? Why are we so concerned about winning it? Don’t people realize, that once the game is won, it is over. Hence… we only actually win, if we have the most stuff, and reach the finish line faster then anyone else.

PS: The finish line is death!

In real life, we only reach the finish line when we die, so why are we stressing ourselves out, working so hard to win at it? Maybe we should slow down a bit. Smell the roses “or Rose, if she will let you”. And maybe go to bed a bit early, and catch a few extra Z’s (If your partner has other ideas, about what to do in bed, well that’s good as well. *wink).

The point is, don’t be in so much of a rush, to be the big winner at life.

How Do We Approach Life, In General? It’s Complicated.

Generally speaking, there are two types of people on this planet. Those who are stressed out, and those who are not stressed out. Their status regarding stress, is generally a reflection of how they have approached life.

Let’s Look At How Different These People Are.

People who are stressed out.

Those who are stressed out, are usually those who are constantly worried about what they need to do next in order to succeed, as well as what others think about them. These people are also often obsessed with ‘following lists’, and ‘asking themselves questions’.

Questions such as this:

Should I date in High School, or wait until I am done?

What type of career do I want to work at?

What college should I go to once I finish High School, or should I just go out and find a job?

If I go to college, should I date?

When I finish college, should I get references from my professors, to use in my search for a job?

Once I have a steady job, should I find a life partner and get married?

If I get married, do I want to have kids?

If I want kids, should I have them right away?

Will my career support the number of kids that I want to have?

Will I be able to help them go to college?

What if my spouse leaves me, because I am an over stressed, burned out shell of the person I used to be?

Will anyone still care for me after I die, and show up for my funeral?

BTW… These questions are often thought of and answered, before these people are even finished High School. Which makes me wonder… when did they have time to… you know… ‘screw around’ or ‘just be a teenager’?

These people are usually so busy, that they seldom get time to relax and enjoy what they have. Oh well, I guess their inheritors can do that for them. These people also have more health issues, such as ulcers, hypertension, heart disease, and strokes. These people often die young, in a blaze of glory, while at work, or at home by a jealous spouse (Usually because some fellow employee shot or stabbed them, or their spouse poisoned them).

People who are not stressed out.

And then there are those of us who are not stressed out. These people seldom write out lists. These are people who ‘take things as they come’. (Which is not the same as ‘coming when they take things’. BTW fellows, girls are not things! We may ‘play with things’ *wink, but ‘we ourselves’, are not things!)

They may not have the highest paying jobs in the end, or the biggest house, but the life they have, they enjoyed. These folks dated during High School (and college if they went to it). These are the people, who spent quality time with family and friends. After work, these people may (or may not) have gone out for a beer or coffee, with fellow workers (depending on if they are married, and what their ‘spouse’ or ‘partner’ looks like. *Huba huba).These people know how to relax, and enjoy life.

These people are also the type that usually live the longest, unless they get so ‘relaxed’ that they end up in a horribly embarrassing accident while making out during driving (for instance), or have a heart attack while getting their ‘freak on’ for the third or fourth time in a row. Otherwise, these folks usually live the longest. Think about that, while you ‘successful folks’ are sending yet another bank draft, to your son or daughter who is in college.

In Conclusion.

So… You can either race for the finish line on ‘The Game Of Life’, and have ‘the most stuff’ while dying young. Or… You can be one of us so called ‘losers’, and ‘have fun’ during our lifetime, while we live longer.

Now… Which one is the real winner at ‘The Game Of Life’?

You decide.

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