Stream of Consciousness on Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi and Mid-Century Comedy

Rodney Dangerfield — “ I don’t get no respect.”


Trump mangles words and reminds me of Rodney Dangerfield in his one-liner, lame deliveries. He tweets crude insults against his many and sundry opponents just like Don Rickles used to insult his sold-out audiences during his Las Vegas stand up routines.

Frank Sinatra in White Hat
Don Rickles

Trump in a white MEGA hat reminds me of an aging Frank Sinatra getting ready to break out into “My Way.


Nancy Pelosi packs more malapropisms into a single sentence than Dr. Ruth packed remedies for sexual dysfunctions in a two-minute TV interview.

No-Nonsense Barmaid

Nancy reminds me of a hardened barmaid, who is fully capable and ready to cut off a drunk and have him tossed out of the bar on his ass at a moment’s notice.


Trump reminds me of a little, rich kid that never got enough attention, so he pretends to be from the streets of working-class NYC.

Don never cries in public, doesn’t hardly blink and never seems to break out into an unplanned belly laugh.


Nancy is always advocating for the downtrodden and poor, but when they step too close to her, during a press conference, she appears to recoil and reminds me a little of an old cartoon character putting a clothespin on her nose.

Nancy is also pretty good at hiding a simmering anger she carries with her all the time, which Trump knows how to exploit at a drop of a hat.

When he does, a very intelligent Nancy falls to piece sand appears discombobulated in front of the cameras. Trump comes off looking like a class clown, who is also a practical joker that loves to dish it out, but hates to take it.

The Donald

Finally, I have to tell you that when I first saw Donald Trump perform at a campaign event, he really seemed to be vaguely familiar, even though I never had witnessed his impromptu act before.

Then one day it hit me: Donald H. Trump is the absolute reincarnation of Tony Clifton, seriously. In case you don’t know who Tony Clifton is, he is probably the most famous alter-ego to comic genius and star of Saturday Night Life, Andy Kaufman. Please check it out and see:

Working-Class Nancy

My final impression of Pelosi is her attempt to also portray her working-class roots as a multi-millionaire.

Still, in a way, Nancy is a balancing act for Donald H. Trump, just as Edith, Jean Stapleton, was the better half of “All in the Family’s “Archie Bunker.

When you view them this way, the politics seems to fade away and the Reality-Show, which is America comes into focus, under the limelight.

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