Nine Things Federal Employees Can Do This Weekend Despite the Government Shutdown

Options include drinking a beer, eating some cheese, and learning a new language.

Federal workers are missing paychecks. National parks and museums are closed. Transportation Security Administration workers are calling in sick. Critical fire safety training has been halted in the Western United States. Prison inmates are being held past their intended release dates.

These are just a few of the countless impacts the three-week, soon-to-be longest-ever partial government shutdown has had on American life. But in honor of Friday, Pacific Standard has compiled a list of ways furloughed federal employees can spend time this weekend (and beyond, if needed) despite the ongoing funding lapse.

Drink a Beer

While you may not be able to try any new craft beers this weekend, since the currently closed Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau is responsible for approving labels on new beers before they can be sold, that doesn’t need to stop you from cracking open an old favorite after this long week.

Pick Up Trash at a National Park

Join groups of volunteers who have taken this responsibility into their own hands.

‘Have a Garage Sale’

The U.S. Coast Guard Support Program published a tip sheet that included this financial advice to its furloughed employees—and then removed it Wednesday morning after the Washington Post inquired about it.

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