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Maybe you are used to being alone, but I doubt it. It’s a fact of our always connected world that some people are going to be left feeling left out. It’s not that great being alone, watching hoarders from that weird place of empathy underneath a pile of clothes, thinking thoughts like “who needs to wash dishes when you can just get creative with what you consider to be dish worthy am I right,” eating cereal out of an empty Vaseline container; wrong, it’s a weird place, you may relish in the freedom of being fully able to pursue your goals but then procrastination sets in, and procrastination always leads to self doubt.

At times other people moving on around you makes the world seem like a contest that you are losing. It is important to realize that you are never really alone, you are just better able to express yourself as your own person. You may discover new thoughts, tastes and ideas; like why does sushi taste great on dates but when you are alone it tastes like disappointment? If you are a meat eater try veganism, if vegan try bacon; I mean, the world is your oyster(I don’t know why people say that oysters are a horrible food). The world is your pizza (not chain pizza, unless we are talking late 90’s Pizza Hut before they turned their crust into cardboard). Also would you rather live in a world with no pizza or a world without pearls?

There is less insecurity outside of a relationship, and way less pride. Less of the duality between thinking “she’s way too good for me,” and “I could do way better,”. There is a thin line between saint and scumbag and you get to explore that alone. You get to be that person that googles “best of bangbus,” and “alan watts bhagavad gita,” watch both at the same time, It’s the Yin and Yang of the world man, it’s all you.

Embrace the moment you are in right now. You might be wearing the same sweat pants you wore yesterday but if you accept that with the knowledge that it’s just a temporary theme and that everyone is moving on all the time(including you) you might find it is a little easier to cope, and you should probably clean your room.

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