Woman Caught On Video Unleashing Vile Anti-Gay Tirade Against Gay Man Getting Pedicure

A woman in a Seattle area spa was caught on video launching into a homophobic tirade against a gay man after he asked her to stop speaking loudly into her phone, which was put on speaker.

Christopher Brown was getting a pedicure at Casabella Spa & Nails in Lynnwood, Wash., north of Seattle, on Dec. 30 when the incident occurred, KOMO News reported Tuesday.

After Brown asked the woman seated a few feet away to take her call off speaker, she allegedly told her daughter on the other end of the phone call that she had to go to “take care of this f–got.”

“When I asked her to take her phone off speaker, she looked at me, looked back at her phone call, and then said, hold on, let me take care of this f—–, and then hung up her phone,” Brown told the outlet.

That’s when Brown started recording the woman’s meltdown on his cell phone.

“Let’s call 911 and let’s just get it over with because you’re harassing me for no reason, telling me not to be on the phone,” the woman said.

The woman then tells an employee not seen on camera that she would leave the salon if Brown is not asked to go.

“Either he goes, or I go,” the woman said multiple times.

When Casabella staff refused to order Brown to leave the salon, the woman gets up and leaves.

As she makes her way to the door, the woman began hurling anti-gay insults at Brown and saying she should “show him [her] parts” because he probably wishes he had them.

“Keep recording, sissy,” she can be heard saying. “F—–, sissy, queer. Eat my p—-.”

A staff member from the nail salon told KOMO News that Brown was polite during the entire exchange.

Brown told the station that he was in “complete disbelief and shock.”

He said he moved to Seattle from Indiana because of the city’s reputation of being inclusive.

“I couldn’t fathom something like this would happen in the safe haven of Seattle metro,” he told the HuffPost.

“I wouldn’t want to cause any undo harm on her life,” he said. “I would just want her to come to light with what she said, realize that those views are not okay and that you can’t treat people like that.”

“I was in complete disbelief and shock,” he told KOMO News. “It took about a week of not sleeping, a week of anxiety, a week of worrying what would happen if I didn’t act, for me to finally step up.”

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