Google owner Alphabet sued by shareholder over misconduct claims

Jan. 11 (UPI) — A shareholder of Google parent company Alphabet has filed a lawsuit in California court, over the board’s approval of pricey exit passages for executives accused of sexual misconduct.

James Martin filed the suit in San Mateo County this month, several weeks after The New York Times reported Alphabet’s history of covering up claims and the board approving an exit package worth $90 million to Android co-founder Andy Rubin.

One employee accused Rubin of coercing a worker into a sexual act, reported.

Amit Singhal, another former executive, walked away with a package after sexual harassment charges surfaced against him and David Drummond, the company’s legal officer. One employee claimed she had an extra-marital affair with him and was pushed out of the company.

Google workers around the world walked out Nov. 1 to protest how the company has handled sexual harassment claims — a day after Alphabet executive Rich DeVaul resigned amid similar accusations.

Martin said in the suit Alphabet failed shareholders by attempting to cover up the misconduct and doling out golden parachutes for the accused. Rubin, Singhal and Drummond are all named as defendants in the suit, along with numerous Alphabet officers and board members.

“Instead of disciplining these senior executives, the individual defendants protected them,” a statement by the law firm representing Martin states on its website.

The suit asks for compensation and mandatory reforms of Alphabet’s corporate governance and internal procedures.

Alphabet has not commented on the lawsuit.

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