How Wearing Sunglasses Will Help You Realize Your Dreams

(The moments I wear the glasses — Coffee Beach, Krabi, Thailand)

My idea came to me, so clear and almost divine. I knew I needed a pair of sunglasses. I knew with a pair of sunglasses I would unlock my cape wearing ability, gain super strength, and save the day.

So there it was, I booked flight tickets to dozens of locations all around the world. My first task was to find the right pair of glasses, and wear them in the right place at the right time.

But one day, I finally found the pair of sunglasses. And I was ready.

I knew I my super powers would be untrained and I needed to get away from civilization to make sure nobody would be hurt. I took myself to Coffee Beach in Krabi, Thailand. There were no people or even fish in sight — I knew this was the right place. First, I mediated. Then I made a video for my YouTube channel. Then it was time to put on the sunglasses. My vision instantly changed.

Sure, other people have worn sunglasses before but not like this. The moment the shades slid over my face I knew I’d never return to that desk again. I knew the next time I’d be at a desk is when picking one from Ikea for an employee in my office one day. But no, not for me to sit at everyday unless I was the one who placed it there. Wearing sunglasses didn’t protect me from the sun but it turned me into the sun. Yes, it was a hot day in Thailand, but I was truly mentally on fire.

I know this is mostly jokes but now, I’ll finally tell you why this is real.

When you’re in a place in life where the sun doesn’t shine too brightly — a.k.a. any job or situation you’re internally unhappy with but show up because you feel you have no other options, just know you can go wherever you need to. Just take some shades to protect you from the sun, thats all you need.

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