I’m Just a King In Search of a Second Wife Who Won’t Murder My Children

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Oh and also love, but mostly the do no harm thing

Hello to the eligible women reading this,

I’m a king of a local kingdom. Throughout the years I’ve been blessed with prosperity. The crops come in yearly. Revolutions are rare. And I have 3 beautiful children.

Before you send an angry message I’m letting you know that I AM single. My wife passed away for a general sickness so common amongst happy queens. I promised her I would never marry someone who would harm her children. Which seems like a small price to ask in return for a crown.

What I need is a young woman in her breeding years ready to take on the administrative tasks of running a castle. Why breeding age? Because these are The Old Times and children sometimes die of natural causes. Please note that I can tell the difference between natural (i.e. sickness, troll fight gone wrong) and murder (i.e. poison, mind control that puts them in harms way).

I feel the need to remind the applicants for queen that their children will be loved and adored as but not in direct line for the throne. Unless my children from a previous queen who I will probably talk about and compare you to often, were to meet an untimely ACCIDENTAL death.

Besides taking care of my flawless children from a happy marriage I enjoy long quests on the beach, hiking though magic mountains, and solving crossword puzzles on a rainy afternoon.

If you do not intend to harm the heirs to the throne and are interested in a man who will never forget his first wife but does have a kingdom to shower you and our future children with wealth, please feel to send me a message and a self portrait.

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