Nissan American Executive Greg Kelly Released on Bail

Nissan American Executive Greg Kelly Released on Bail: Nissan Motor Co. executive Greg Kelly has been released from detention in Japan after being granted bail over the alleged underreporting of his boss Carlos Ghosn’s pay by $44 million between 2011 and 2015. Kelly acknowledged the error of his ways and promised that if the court saw fit to release him, he will turn over a new Nissan Leaf.


Hoarder Dies After Floor Collapses from Weight of Junk in House: Police in Connecticut have recovered the body a 66-year-old woman — known as a compulsive hoarder — from the basement of her home after the first floor collapsed under the weight of all the junk she had stacked everywhere floor to ceiling. Friends say that while it’s tragic the way she died, no one can say that she didn’t pack a whole lot into her life while she was here.

Controversial Study Links Fluoride to Lower IQ: A controversial new study found that certain chemicals in consumer products such as the fluoride found in everyday toothpaste may lower IQ and hinder child brain development. Now I’m no scientist, but I don’t understand how fluoride’s gonna affect someone’s IQ unless happened to get on their “wisdom teeth.”


Pope Francis Warns Italian Mobsters to Mend Their Ways: Pope Francis is warning Italian mobsters that they could end up in hell if they don’t repent and renounce their greedy, criminal ways. Angry mobsters countered that Pope Francis could end up in a production of La Cage aux Folles if he doesn’t stop wearing those glitzy outfits.

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