I’m a high school student who wish to study at uni.

I’m a high school student who wish to study at uni. İt’s my dream to move to the capital and see how do people live here.

Tomorrow I’ll have the first of the last exams in the uni. During five years I’ve spent a great deal of time to read, to learn and explore myself.

To be in most radical ideas about every topic, to stand as a philosophical discussion and maintain my stability during debates. And now all this is going to end with a feeling of belonging. İt’s like I was born at the uni and found all friends and acquaintances in this place. I’m in the middle of uncertainty. What will happen next? Where I’ll head and who I’m going be ? I want to be a neuroscientist.

When I was graduating from high school I wanted to delve into a science ocean. I was uncertain but the life drove me to the uni, wild jungle of the most irrational and radical ideas. I used to observe the river that passes nearby of our house and think is it the most deepest river in the world. İf a small river is so deep how can you imagine enormity of oceans ?

I can’t imagine it to this day. Maybe all we want is to have a place to settle and full access to the deep water resources. To think philosophically about life and assess your every single day based on yesterday. What oceans I’ll come across and boats I’ll need to pass them? I don’t know, I don’t even want to know. I’m alive today. Searching ways to not to prepare for the exam but manage to get higher mark

What will happen next?

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