How To Make A Six-Figure Salary Writing About Flowerpots

Okay, you have scrolled enough. I’m not allowed to encourage this but if you CHOOSE to click on the ads you just passed, I’ll make money from them. You will learn about this in my e-book 🙂 Let me tell you a secret. But just so you know, the rest of the secrets, the REALLY GOOD secrets, are in my e-book.

The FREE secret is that you need to write about something that is your PASSION, but also something that NOBODY ELSE IS WRITING ABOUT so that you can rank high on Google! This is called SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. That’s tech language for getting your website on google !! and yahoo and all of that !!

So first you just have to think about your passions. For example maybe you are passionate about fitness. Problem is, everyone is passionate about fitness, so that market is too saturated and you might not make a SIX FIGURE INCOME $$$ right away, so now you have to find a different passion. Something that isn’t too popular so you can make it a trend with your social media following!! For example you can choose flowerpots.

Maybe you didn’t know this, but there are SO MANY PEOPLE searching for flowerpots every day, and you could be making a COMMISSION $$$ every time they buy one !! Just do the math. If 1,000,000 people buy a flowerpot after finding it on YOUR WEBSITE, and you make 10% of that sale, you just made $100,000!! You can use a calculator on google to figure this out. $100,000 has 6 numbers in it so that’s a SIX FIGURE INCOME and anyone can do it !! !!

So now you just have to make a website (like bestflowerpots.com) and write a lot about flowerpots. It’s your passion now, just remember that. You need to write good articles with good SEO (remember what that means) about flowerpots. For example:

  • 10 Best Flowerpots of 2018
  • The Flowerpots To Look Out For in 2019
  • Cute Flowerpots For Your Garden
  • Best Flowerpots To Buy As Gifts
  • Biggest Flowerpots
  • 5 Reasons Why Everyone Needs A Flowerpot

Okay, so now you just make a website and put a lot of pictures and affiliate links for flowerpots. And then you put all your articles on it and BAM ! !! You officially work from home 🙂

Photo of the house I bought after learning the SECRETS of affiliate marketing !! ANYONE CAN DO IT!!! ** by Jared Rice on Unsplash

So now you’re all done with your flowerpot website so you just have to make another website about something you’re passionate about. For example maybe you are passionate about education. But remember, teachers are poor so they probably aren’t going to buy anything from your affiliate links, so you might have to choose a new passion again. (It’s okay if it’s not your real passion.)

Maybe now you are passionate about tarps. So you write a story about tarps and do the process all over again !! Remember — people are searching the world wide web every day for information about quality tarps and they will take your recommendations and buy the best and most expensive tarps from your affiliate links 🙂

If you don’t know what a tarp is, it’s like a big covering, kind of like a tent, to protect your belongings from the rain. EVERYONE NEEDS A TARP because everybody has belongings, and nobody wants them to get wet, so they will buy one from your website if you have good SEO! Remember SEO is Search Engine Optimization. Soon the lingo will become second nature, don’t worry !! You will read more about it in my award winning e-book !!

Don’t forget to join my webinar !!! I will read every word from this article so you can understand it better and then you can start working from home right away. Soon you will have your dream home and all of your friends will be like “Where did you get that Lexus?” and “I remember when you lived in a trailer!” But now you live in a mansion. The best time to start is now !!

By the way, my passions are candles and hex keys so don’t steal my niche markets. You will have to sign a contract promising to do your websites about something else.


*results not guaranteed
**no refunds

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