Someone Returned $90,000 From Brinks Truck Highway Cash Spill: Gothamist

It’s been a week since a Brinks truck’s door accidentally opened on a NJ highway, tossing over half a million in cash all over the lanes and sending drivers into a cash-grabbin’ frenzy, but the East Rutherford police are still trying to track down every single dollar.

With fives, tens, and hundred dollar bills raining down on Route 3, a number of motorists got out of their cars to claim some of the bounty. (Two collisions resulted from the impromptu highway cash foraging.) The next day, authorities said that $293,500 had been recovered, either by the Brinks truck driver, helpful drivers, or those who heeded warnings that this money would be considered stolen.

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Chaos ensued after a Brinks truck spilled cash on a busy NJ highway. People jumped out of their cars to grab the flying money during the morning rush hour.

— Yahoo Finance (@YahooFinance) December 13, 2018

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Approx 8:30am ERPD received calls of an armored truck spilling cash along Rt 3 West, motorists exited vehicles attempting to remove cash causing multiple MV Crashes. Detectives are investigating. We ask any person with info or video of this incident, call ERPD 201-438-0165

— East Rutherford Police (@ERutherfordPD) December 13, 2018

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We have had several individuals contact ERPD & return money in this case. We would like to advise people if they have any money connected to this incident to contact ERPD at 201-438-0165 to make arrangements for its return with no charges filed.

— East Rutherford Police (@ERutherfordPD) December 13, 2018

One person, according to the AP, “bought in about $90,000.” reports, “Detectives are investigating the incident by scouring photos and videos posted to social media and video surveillance from New Jersey Department of Transportation cameras along the highway. [East Rutherford Capt. Phil] Taormina said police will try to look for anything that would be distinguishing about the people and cars that stopped.”

Right now, the police are looking for $188,000.

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