Guinness Book Of World Records Calls This “The Most Awkward Moment In History”

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Trump’s attendance at George H.W. Bush’s funeral is officially designated “the most tense and unpleasant event on record”

Ouch! This greeting was one for the history books. (Credit:

The moment that Donald Trump and his wife Melania entered the National Cathedral for the funeral of George H.W. Bush and greeted the other living presidents and first ladies has been officially designated “The Most Awkward Moment In History” by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Viewers had to suffer through the world-record awkwardness for more than 90-minutes. (Credit:

“We cannot recall another event in history that ranks with this one for sheer tension, unpleasantness and overall awkwardness,” said Guinness president Malcolm Chambers. “We didn’t need to deliberate long before declaring this moment the outright winner.”

Uh, Ryan, he’s blind, he can’t see your hand. (Credit:

Mr. Chambers said that Mr. Trump’s chilly handshake and painful salute to the other former presidents clearly surpassed the famously awkward, “Ryan Seacrest Tries To High-Five A Blind Man.”

“This uneasy business between Trump and his predecessors at the Bush funeral had everyone in our offices cringing and declaring it to be ‘pure mortification,’” said Mr. Chambers.

How to reunion a First Families reunion. (Credit:

Mr. Chambers added that the fact that Mr. Trump tweeted a photo of Barack Obama, the Clintons, and his other political opponents behind bars just a week ago added to how unbelievably awkward this moment was for him and the nation. “We are surprised that there weren’t punches thrown frankly. But the icy, straight ahead stare from Hillary Clinton was, frankly, brutal enough to watch.”

When Mr. Trump heard that he had made the Guinness Book of World Records, he retweeted mention of the accolade and added, “Going to try to BREAK THE RECORD AGAIN in the months ahead!”

The world holds its breath.


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