ESports team ENCE battle their way closer to top 10 world ranking

Team ENCE lifting their hard fought for trophy

ESports is one of the largest and fastest growing gaming and entertainment markets in the world, from a revenue point of view and from worldwide fans and followers. In fact the total value of the market is currently $900 million. So how are we getting into eSports, and more to the point, how is your business going to get a piece of the action?

Well, we sponsor team ENCE, under our brand Rizk, and just a few days ago, they won Dreamhack Winter CS:GO tournament and with it $50k in prize money. In the world of eSports the team rankings are updated every Monday, and ENCE have moved up to 12th from 14th place after their win. And if the team keep doing what they are doing, they may very well make it to the top 10 for the first time ever.

Echoing our feelings of faith and support in the team are SAMSUNG (top 20 company in the world), who have just signed as ENCE’s partner, and these aren’t the only giants backing ENCE, you’ve also got ASUS and Telia. These companies have a combined market cap of circa $323 billion, so you know you’re achieving something special when you’ve won the ‘nod of approval’ from these colossal companies.

Jani “Aerial” Jussila, part of team ENCE, concentrating on day one of the tournament.

We asked the team what it means for them to have signed with SAMSUNG as a team and organisation: “It is a great step moving forward to work with a globally recognised technology brand. Samsung hasn’t been involved with eSports teams at least in the Nordics in the recent years much, so for us it is tremendous that they want to work with ENCE and create great things.”

What is the CS:GO team’s goal for the year 2019? They have been very close to hitting the top 10 this year already, so definitely the goal for them is to establish themselves inside that mark in the rankings. Obviously we want to be a part of more and more of the premier events that take place and gradually become a contender for big event victories.

What is the next big event where the team will be seen? The next big target is 12–13th of December, where the team will fight to make it into the next European Minor, which is the pathway to the next Major in Katowice. Apart from that the team just qualified for the $890,000 WESG finals in China early March and got invited to the $500,000 StarSeries i-League Season 7 in China as well, which starts on the 30th of March and ends on the 7th of April.

Ben Clemes, chief commercial officer for GiG, said: “ We’re delighted that team ENCE is doing so well, we knew they would, and also know that the eSports market is growing. Demonstrating this we just signed a long-term partnership with GLHF.GG, MRG’s and Gamingzone Entertainments’ joint venture into eSports, to provide our technical platform GiG Core, for both eSports and iGaming services. The partnership will facilitate GLHF.GG´s expansion in the iGaming value chain by building a new, global community for eSports followers, focused on entertainment, streaming, gamification and betting on eSports.”

If you want to find out more on how GiG can help your business get into the eSports action, contact us on sales@gig.com.

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