Home Brewed Alcoholics Anonymous ( Guinness- extra stout)

Seeing as to how my last review was me at my worst I figured it would be good to see me at my best and most biased. So this time I’m going with arguably the bar for what a good beer should be. This time I’m actually really looking forward to having a swig. “ down the hatch” Yeah that’s just good beer. Smooth and little bit of tang too it. Something I don’t usually like in beers but here it just works. Honestly you couldn’t pay me enough to talk badly about this brew. The bottle alone is incredible the slightest of curves and amazing black and gold contrast. The harp that pays homage to the will of the Irish, a rich history for centuries old brew. Even out of the bottle thanks to the nitrogen it has an amazing look in a pint. A dark brew with a white foam crown. Truly royalty among beers. I know it sounds like I’m kissing ass here, and that’s only because I am it’s too be expected though when this brew is #2 for my favorite brews ever.
 Ok next comes the marketing and ad portion. Honestly I don’t have many notes here sorry. So instead I’ll be reaching for scraps. Firstly when I think of Guinness I think a bar beer or a drink with a bud or two at home. I don’t really picture a club or ragers/house parties which might explain why I’ve never seen Guinness in more than a six pack. So the only thing I can think of to improve here is the lack of a good tagline. My change is simple enough and explains what everyone should already know. 
 “ Enough Said.”
I know kind of a cop out but personally I like it and I think it represents the beer pretty well.

P.S. If your wondering what happened with the deep dive research for marketing I tried but my internet was pretty bad and every time I tried to pull up the stats it would just load endlessly. Sorry but this one was also just opinion based on the marketing portion. Also I felt the last review was too long so for this one I tried to keep it short but now I think it’s too short hopefully the next one will be better still figuring this out as I go and slowly improving maybe I will even revisit these early reviews once I’ve got the formula down.

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