Man from “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” Addresses the Rape Allegations

The scene of the supposed crime.

It is disheartening to hear that I have been accused of sexual assault after warmly welcoming someone I considered a close friend into my home. Those that know me know that I am nothing but a gentleman who would offer a roaring fire to someone whose hands are ice cold. What I took for a “very nice evening” — her words, not mine — has been contorted into something vile and horrific. I believe that it will be clear to those who come to understand the situation that I am a victim of false allegations.

My accuser has stated that what began as just dropping by turned into an unwanted sexual trap. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. I know she was concerned about what her parents would think. Her mother would start to worry, her sister would be suspicious, and her unmarried aunt, vicious, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t want it. She was also anxious over any talk the day after and the implications of her staying, of which there are plenty. But these rumors she’s spreading are just a front to lessen her promiscuity rather than any wrongdoing on my part.

She’s also stated that she vehemently denied my advances. She may have said no a couple of times, but if she truly felt that uncomfortable, why would she have stayed? Yes, there was a blizzard. Yes, I refused to lend her my coat. And yes, I may have said that there wouldn’t be a cab to be had out there, but if she didn’t want to stay she didn’t have to. And this whole claim that I emotionally manipulated her into staying; that I said she’d be hurting my pride, that I’d have lifelong sorrow if she got pneumonia and died, is just twisting my words. Of course, I care about her, with her starlight eyes and delicious lips and the thrill I get when she touches my hand, but you can’t blame me for being attracted to a gorgeous woman or for trying to bed her. It was a different time back then, and any man would do the same.

Finally, the unverifiable accusation that I may have put something in her drink is unfounded. It’s not reflective of who I am. She says she was under some kind of spell she wished she knew how to break, but if memory serves, she’s the one who decided to stay for half a drink more. I shouldn’t be held accountable for someone who can’t hold their liquor and then regrets their actions the next day. She should really learn to say no better. I am so sorry she feels that our interaction wasn’t consensual, but maybe this is a lesson for me to have just let her freeze even if the snow was up to her knees. Having to now clear my name each holiday season makes me realize the sex, consensual or otherwise, just wasn’t worth it.

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