‘Shiori Eda: Visions Nocturnes’ at A2Z Art Gallery, Paris

A2Z Art Gallery is currently presenting a solo exhibition by Shiori Eda, “Visions Nocturnes,” on view through December 15, 2018.

This the first solo exhibition of the Japanese artist. According to the gallery, “Born in 1983, Shiori Eda invites us to embark on an unprecedented vision of painting imbued with Japanese culture in which the painter interprets the meaning of her dreams conditioned by the facts of everyday life. Deeply troubled or strangely calm, Shiori’s surrealistic dreams may seem trivial upon awakening, but they prove to be subliminal under the filter of the sub-consciousness…Trying to illustrate her moods bathed in the darkness of the night, Shiori Eda allows us to plunge into hers compositions magnified by the grandeur of landscapes that are sometimes calm, other times in tension. Behind an apparent fragility and a spark of innocence, those little nude women are trying to find a place…Despite the highly organized structures of her paintings, Shiori is still looking for reasons of why her unconsciousness dictates her choice of certain natural elements than the others. In the reality of our present, the Human being is inhabited by an instantaneous and controlled emotion. In his dreams, existence has another form of apprehension. For the majority of psychologists, the presence of water in our dreams is perceived as a feminine sign, the symbol of uncertainty, fear and apprehension, but it also characterizes the source of life, the sign of a (Re)naissance. Thus, “Visions Nocturnes” presents a quest that can be found in any artist: to immerse oneself in the unconscious, to express one’s feelings and to highlight the vision of the world that one offers to share.”

Shiori Eda is a Japanese painter born in 1983 in Tokyo. At a very young age, she knew she was an artist and decided to study at the Arts University in Tokyo. Winner of several awards, she has her first solo shows in 2007. In 2010 she graduates from the University (Masters in Oil Painting). In April 2010 she receives the Taro Amano prize at the Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi. She shows her work in numerous exhibitins and salons and her work is received with acclaim. Recognized by the Japanese press, her work is part of numerous collections in Japan. Shiori Eda’s style is figurative and surrealist; her paintings send a message about human nature which is always represented by a woman faced with time and nature.

The exhibition will be on view through December 15, 2018, at A2Z Art Gallery, 24 rue de l’echaude 75006 Paris.

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Click on the slideshow for a sneak peek at the exhibition.

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