I’m Not Trying to Dress a Turkey for Thanksgiving or a Tree for Christmas.


When did the “dressing up” of my blog become so important?

Why do I spend hours deciding where I should use –

· Upper case;

· Lower case;

· Italics;

· Larger font;

· Bigger spaces;

· Link this, link that;

· Perfect picture.

· Suitable music video. Maybe.

· Too short.

· Too long.

· Not enough variety.

My internal editor nitpicks. I overthink the presentation.

How my blog looks becomes more important than the content.

And how did I get here when I’d planned writing about being criticized?

And the fact that I don’t take criticism kindly. I don’t believe anyone does.

I might smile but inside I’m dying a thousand deaths.

Biting back a retort.

It could be an innocent comment which I perceive as criticism.

About my hair (Or lack thereof. Think super short.)

My weight. (Dangerous.)

Clothes. (Not a fan.)

This is mild stuff.

It could be a comment about my faith. (I walked out of an Interfaith Bible Study Group after a negative comment about my denomination.)

It could be a comment about my political leanings. (Red flag there.)

Really, it could be anything.

I dwell on this for a while.

Oh yes, THAT’S how I got to Thanksgiving Turkeys and Christmas Trees.

Fear of criticism on my writing. And its presentation.

What the hell is wrong with me?

I’m not preparing a thesis in English Lit.

I’m writing a story. Of sorts.

Trying to keep it –

· Simple;

· Short;

· Entertaining;

· Enlightening.

And all my stupid internal editor does is nitpick. Dishing out destructive criticism. Do this. Do that. It’s too much. Too little. Not enough.

I’m only trying to bring a smile to the faces of other frustrated writers!

I simmer down. Take a walk. Have coffee. (Always a good idea.)

Re-read my story.

Hmmm. Not too shabby.

Hit Submit!

Sit back and wait.

And dream of drumsticks and stuffing and green bean casserole and sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce.

Photo by ASHISH SHARMA from Pexels

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