Legitimate Reasons to Say You Didn’t Like “Nanette”

Still tirelessly voicing your opinion over Hannah Gadsby’s Netflix special? Are your reasons legit? Take this quiz to find out!

a) You thought it was going to be the last 1/3 of the 1920s musical “No, No, Nanette”.

b) You hate that there’s two of each letter in the title except for one, and you worry that the A will be lonely.

c) Your arch nemesis in high school had a dog named Nanette and you were like, WTF who names a dog that. It’s not really about the dog, but like, there’s still a lot of baggage there.

d) You thought it was going to be a story about a miniature grandma.

e) You have not watched it yet, but…..

f) You suffer from untreated Australophobia, an irrational fear of Australians.

g) You ARE Hannah Gadsby, but are working as an undercover spy, so you feel the best way to hide your identity is to be disparaging about your own work.

h) You don’t think it’s stand-up, and feel entitled to express this because you’re Mayor of Stand-Up-Ville.

i) You thought it was going to be an instructional video on how to make a fishing net out of naan bread. Also, you struggle with the spelling of both “naan” and “net”.

j) You are the ghost of Picasso, and are embarrassed for being called out on your bullshit.

k) You view a critique of comedy as a dismissal of all comedy.

l) You thought you booked the Sydney Opera House that night for your flute recital, but you actually booked it for NEXT month and aren’t ready to own up to your mistake.

m) You have not watched it yet, however….

n) You bought the same exact blue blazer that Hannah Gadbsy wears in the special, but you spilled mustard on it, and then you were going to get the mustard out, but ended rubbing it in more, and anyways, watching Nanette just reminds you of how you consistently ruin nice things specifically with mustard.

o) Even though it was released on Netflix six months ago, you still feel threatened by a performance outside of your comfort zone authored by a queer, Non-American woman, and are afraid it will push boundaries in a way you have not yet considered.

p) Also, you have not watched it yet.

q) You are from the future, where rape culture, the patriarchy and homophobia no longer exist, and all previous traces of trauma in society have been completely healed, so you just don’t get the references.

Legitimate: a, b, c, d, f, g, i, j, l, n, q

Illegitimate: e, h, j, k, m, o, p

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