Mass shootings in the US since 1950 resulting in eight or more murders


Note: These statistics don’t include the shooter or shooters if they were killed or committed suicide in the course of the incident (Not my choice: that’s just the way the statistics are presented in this source). They also don’t include one shooting from 1949, as the stats don’t cover the rest of that decade, or any previous period.

By decade

1950s: 0

1960s: 1 (University of Texas tower shooting)

1970s: 0

1980s: 6

1990s: 6

2000s: 7

2010s: 16 and counting

22 of these 36 mass shootings have taken place since 2007.

This is an update of an original post from almost exactly one year ago today.

Since then, this list has expanded by 12.5%.

Full disclosure: When after the latest carnage I went to update this list from memory, I remembered the Tree of Life Synagogue massacre that happened twelve days ago, but I didn’t recall the two mass shootings at high schools earlier this year, that together resulted in the murder of 24 students and three teachers. To be specific, I remembered the Stoneman Douglas shooting, but was under the impression it had taken place a couple of years ago, rather than in May.  I didn’t remember the Santa Fe High School shooting at all (Only 10 people were murdered).

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