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MSNBC Anchor Bombs Segment After She’s Unable To Tell Montana from North Dakota

It was a bad geography day Thursday for MSNBC anchor Katy Tur.

During a segment about upcoming Senate contests, Tur terminally confused incumbent Democrat John Tester’s Montana race against Republican Matt Rosedale with North Dakota incumbent Democrat Heidi Heitkamp’s effort to maintain her seat against Republican Kevin Cramer.

“And by the way, you’re looking at Montana on the other side, and Montana the polling doesn’t show Heidi Heitkamp in a particularly — I’m sorry, Tester, not Montana. I’m talking about North Da — no, never mind,” Tur said.

“Ignore me. Ignore me,” she said, trying to buy time to continue the segment.

“I was getting Montana and North Dakota confused because, I don’t know. I just was,” she said.

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She then decided this was battle she was not going to win.

“Never mind. Ignore me,” she said.

Tur’s mistake echoed throughout the Twittersphere.

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Maybe @KatyTurNBC you should learn where Montana and North Dakota are before criticizing anyone. Your lucky because that racist @JoyAnnReid isn’t any smarter than you. https://t.co/Z7hm4zMlZs

— Joe The Fan (@JoeTheFan1) November 4, 2018

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Hey give it a break. #NorthDakota #Montana what’s the dif. They’re both States & they’re kinda shaped alike. Other than that… does #KatyTur do show prep. Didn’t she have one of those US jigsaw puzzles when she was a kid. I mean you try to put Montana where North Dakota goes!

— Quincy Jackson 🇺🇸 (@qrayjack) November 4, 2018

The website Newsbusters has made a habit of tracking Tur’s on-air gaffes.

Does this show how clueless most of the mainstream media really is?

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It noted, for example, a 2017 moment in which Congressman Francis Rooney of Florida was talking with Tur about former President Barack Obama’s often-criticized open-mic comment to a Russian official that he would have “more flexibility” in dealing with the Kremlin after the 2012 election.

Tur then told him, “I’m sorry, I don’t know what you’re referring to, Congressman.”

Tur later used Twitter to explain her lack of knowledge.

“To be fair, I didn’t touch politics in 2012. I almost exclusively covered fires and shootings in NYC area,” she tweeted.

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