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What Happened to Christine Blasey Ford?

Within weeks, Ford went from being a Democrat deity to completely evaporating from the public eye and no one seems to care.

It’s important to highlight that Christine Blasey Ford, the not so long ago heroine for sexual assault survivors, vanished like a fart in the wind just minutes following Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. How likely is it that someone so credible and determined to bring justice to her cause simply disappears overnight?

The desire for privacy is hardly an excuse, considering Ford willingly played into the hands of a sensational media and even testified in front of the entire nation to plead her compelling case. It’s not typical that alleged sexual abuse survivors of such prominence go into hiding or temporarily abort their objective like Ford.

Monica Lewinsky became a pop culture icon after disclosing details surrounding her scandalous Clinton affair. She published a personal biography in 1999 that landed a Times cover titled “My Story.” She participated in a record shattering ABC interview with Barbara Walters that was watched by nearly 70 million Americans and even proceeded to make several cameo appearances on SNL. Lewinsky launched her own handbag brand and continued to partake in popular commercials and highly publicized interviews for years after Clinton’s presidency.

Lewinsky’s was certainly motivated by what appeared to be endless opportunities for self-enrichment, hence the continuing desire for public attention. Likewise, our media at the time held no reservation when it came to reporting on Lewinsky’s whereabouts, following her wavering path in lockstep. It’s worth acknowledging that while Lewinsky does not fall under the category of “assault” victims, the media’s fascination with reporting on sexual affairs, especially ones that involve political figures, is something most have become accustomed to.

Another example includes Juanita Broaddrick who maintains a far-reaching audience among conservatives after accusing President Clinton of sexual misconduct during his tenure as attorney general of Arkansas. Broaddrick was certainly not as championed by the public like Ford, yet she nonetheless remains very resolute in making sure that her alleged perpetrator doesn’t get off the hook that easily.

Others have been far more successful at establishing a lasting platform that eclipsed the usual media expiration date. Nothing comes closer to the mind than Hollywood’s infamous purge of sexual predators such as Harvey Weinstein — a movement that rattled the entire entertainment industry over the last year. Rose McGowan and Alyssa Milano have become household names and their relentless crusade against abusive Hollywood men will unlikely be waning off anytime soon.

The reasoning behind Ford’s unusual absenteeism could be twofold. It is possible she is truly traumatized from the entire charade and would rather salvage what’s left of her formerly modest life than continue to engage in a tiring media blitz. Many would agree that there is no amount of money that can buy privacy and a piece of mind, even if the trade off is allowing your alleged violator to walk away freely.

Another explanation could be that Ford was indeed recruited and coached to fabricate the entire recollection in attempt to derail Kavanaugh’s nomination, unaware that it would eventually lead to a Senate testimony and even FBI investigation. Before I’m accused of peddling conspiracy theories, it’s imperative to remind that Ford’s story to this day remains uncorroborated by each of her named witnesses, whereas there exist plenty of signs that she was navigated every step of the way by a party brazenly opposed to Kavanaugh’s confirmation long before assault claims surfaced.

Perhaps even more perplexing than Ford’s exodus is the media’s obvious disinterest in pursuing anything involving or related to Ford in the aftermath of Kavanaugh’s hearing.

At a time when private thoughts from the White House are able to be leaked, it’s unimaginable that there is zilch to be reported on or at least rumored about how Ford is coping after this likely agonizing ordeal. Within weeks, Ford went from being a Democrat deity to completely evaporating from the public eye and no one seems to care.

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