Republican Senate candidate literally took his sick employee’s health insurance away

Screenshot of Joe Donnelly ad featuring Jim Songer.
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Sen. Joe Donnelly (D-IN) has one hell of a closing ad in the last days of this election cycle, hitting the issue that everyone is talking about, for real. No, not the caravan. Their health care. His opponent, Republican businessman Mike Braun has been touting his experience as an employer, saying he understands all about protecting people’s health care because of his experience as a boss. One of his former employees, Jim Songer of Hungtingburg, Indiana, tells the real story.

“At Mike Braun’s company, I sold RV parts and towing parts. A few months ago, I got really sick, ended up in the hospital.

“So while I was in the hospital, Mike Braun fired me. And backdated my termination. So my insurance had been cancelled. I was devastated, stuck with a $30,000 bill and left with nothing.

“There is no such thing as health care when something happens to you and it gets taken away. And that’s what Mike Braun’s company did.”

In a Tuesday night debate, Braun said that “Just like I’ve taken care of my employees, I’ll take care of Hoosiers,” which sounds a lot more like a threat than a promise once you’ve heard Songer’s story. The ad has been running for a few weeks now, and “neither Braun’s campaign nor his company has contradicted Songer’s version of events.”

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