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Mueller Alleges Women Were Offered Money by Opponents To ‘Make False Claims’

A spokesman for U.S. Department of Justice Special Counsel Robert Mueller released a statement this week indicating his office was aware of allegations that women had been bribed to make “false claims” against him.

Spokesman Peter Carr’s initial comment on the matter came in the form of a brief statement to CNBC.

“When we learned last week of allegations that women were offered money to make false claims about the Special Counsel, we immediately referred the matter to the FBI for investigation,” he said.

As The Atlantic reported, Mueller’s office was informed of the alleged plot by a woman who said she had been offered money to make a false claim, adding that the special counsel’s “decision to release a rare statement about it to reporters indicates the seriousness with which the office is taking the purported scheme to discredit Mueller in the middle of an ongoing investigation.”

Carr did not specify the type of claims the women were allegedly offered cash to make, but CNBC reported that the announcement came on the heels of a statement by a D.C. lobbyist, radio host and frequent Mueller critic.

Jack Burkman posted a tweet containing what he called “sad news,” promising to present an accuser’s story at a media conference later this week.

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Some sad news. On Thursday, November 1, at the RosslynHoliday Inn at noon, we will reveal the first of Special Counsel RobertMueller’s sex assault victims. I applaud the courage and dignity andgrace and strength of my client. pic.twitter.com/wZVQeHD45r

— Jack Burkman (@Jack_Burkman) October 30, 2018

“Some sad news,” he tweeted. “On Thursday, November 1, at the Rosslyn Holiday Inn at noon, we will reveal the first of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s sex assault victims. I applaud the courage and dignity and grace and strength of my client.”

Do you think Mueller’s opponents would offer money to people to make false claims against him?

Burkman continued the social media tease, calling Mueller a “bad guy” in a Facebook video published at about the same time.

He promised that at Thursday’s event he will “unveil the first of the sex assault victims of Robert Mueller,” hinting that others are waiting in the wings.

“It turns out, as many of you know, Robert Mueller is a bad guy — not just because of what he does in the courtroom but because of what he does outside of the courtroom,” Burkman said.

The radio host went on to claim that Mueller “has done bad things to a number of women,” including the accuser he said would be coming forward on Thursday.

“She will unveil a very bad sexual assault, and more to come,” Burkman said.

He said his team has “interviewed many” and the “investigation is ongoing.”

Burkman, who has urged President Donald Trump to fire the man heading the investigation into allegations of Russian collusion in the 2016 presidential election, went on to say he does not “take any delight” in making the public allegation against Mueller.

“It’s something I wish I didn’t have to do, but my viewers and the American people need the truth,” he said.

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