After GOP savaged middle-class Americans, Trump suddenly champions Democratic policies

Because policies Republicans worked feverishly to enact have been overwhelmingly rejected by a solid majority of Americans. Support for Obamacare (aka the Affordable Care Act, with pre-existing condition coverage) is at an all-time high with a 54 percent favorability rating, according to an October Fox News poll. Meanwhile, just 36 percent of respondents in September told Fox they had seen “more money” in their paychecks since Republicans passed their tax law (59 percent said they hadn’t).

As Daniel Drezner notes in the Washington Post, these positions amount to nothing more than Trump’s “fast and furious” campaign lies.

If you have any interest in seeing just how big a lie Trump is selling, read this White House transcript of reporters asking Trump on Monday how he’ll pass his fantasy middle-class tax cut while Congress is out of session.

That pretty much sums up Trump’s governing prowess. He’s promising to pass fantasy tax cuts with his fantasy Congress in hopes that voters won’t put an actual check on him at the polls in two weeks. Time for a reality check for both Trump and Republicans—what voters think matters, and not just the super-rich ones.

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