With Family Plots and Migratory Hubs in Its Crosshairs, the Border Wall Looms Large in Texas

After securing over $500 million in March to build a border barrier, the Department of Homeland Security has begun laying the foundation for the first miles of Donald Trump‘s long-promised wall. The blueprint bisects federally protected public lands and dismembers private property that’s been passed down for generations.

On a muggy September morning, Rey Anzaldua looks out over the Rio Grande from a riverside dock on his family’s property, just south of Mission, Texas. It’s been pouring for more than two days straight along the border, but finally the rain seems to have let up. The Rio’s swollen from the downpours, its surface a glassy emerald green sheet stretching well over 100 feet wide. Palm trees and thick brush line its banks on either side, their leaves rustling gently in the wind as we stare across the water into Mexico.

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