Red Sox hope their rituals will carry them through World Series

Major League Baseball players have some of the most elaborate rituals in pro sports, and the Red Sox are no exception.

With the Sox slated to appear in their fourth World Series in 14 years Tuesday night, we took a look at a few roster quirks that’ll make you smile . . . or furrow your brow.

Kimbrel’s wings — Closer Craig Kimbrel cuts a distinctive pose on the mound before he fires a pitch, spreading his arms to the side and raising his elbows, giving him the look of a bearded condor poised to take flight.

During Game 4 of the American League Championship Series in Houston, a few Astros fans mocked the Kimbrel pose from their pricy seats behind home plate while the closer was on the hill, according to screen-grabs of their clowning posted to

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With the Astros’ season finished, those funny fans can relive their hijinks online while the Sox faithful cheer on their team in the Series. Who’s laughing now, buckaroos?

Holt’s seeds — Utility man Brock Holt likes to flick sunflower seeds off the dugout railing before the game, and he talked about his pregame habit in a recent video clip, sponsored by Supercuts, posted to the MLB

“I kind of have this thing with sunflower seeds where I’ll line ’em up and flick ’em off the dugout railing,” Holt said in the clip. “It’s kind of something I did one night, kind of a spur of the moment thing, and I think we ended up coming back and winning that game. So it’s just something that kind of stuck with me.”

Well if it helps the team come back from deficits, especially in October, then by all means flick away, Brock.

Shake shake shake — A number of Red Sox players have taken to celebrating doubles by shaking their hips when they reach second base.

Infielder Ian Kinsler dished on the dance routine during a NESN interview last month.

“We’re just having fun,” Kinsler told the station. “Kind of an inside thing with the guys. It was supposed to be only on doubles, but they wanted to see it when I was at first, so I gave it to ’em.”

Hopefully there’s plenty of Saturday Night Fever on Tuesday night against the Brewers or the Dodgers because that’ll mean the Sox are racking up extra-base hits and pushing a boatload of runs across the plate.

Get his good side — Slugger J.D. Martinez has his pregame batting practice sessions filmed, and he explained why in an interview posted to MLB’s website.

“I kind of see where my swing is at,” Martinez told the site. “For me, it’s going through my checklist that I have with my mechanics and where I want to be at certain points and certain spots throughout my swing.”

It worked out for him this year, and Sox fans hope he goes yard many times during the World Series.

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