How can blockchain help the Media & Entertainment Industry?

Blockchain can help the media & entertainment industry to a great degree. This is an industry which requires higher security standards to prevent the work from getting plagiarized without adhering to the copyright laws. Media & entertainment plays a pivotal role in influencing people and it has become essential to regulate the activities of various media channels.

Why is blockchain required for Media & Entertainment Industry?

Media has gained somewhat unrestrained access to our lives through smartphones and computers. A few incidents in past revealed that social media and other media channels could mislead millions of people through fake news. There are also incidents of data theft and unauthorized sharing of user-data through some social media giants. These incidents have compelled governments to think about taking strong measures to prevent misinterpretation of news by media.

Blockchain can make a big difference here by giving a platform which restricts the media channels to use the data only with the authority of users. It would restrict the unauthorized usage of user data and validate the whole process of news posting. Apart from this, media & entertainment industry has been suffering from piracy and plagiarism for very long. This technology would also help artists to save their original work from being plagiarized.

The usage of blockchain has already been introduced into media industry. A number of blockchain-based projects have been inducted into the music sale by the artists themselves. These projects been able to provide first-hand payments to the artists by the listeners themselves. Artists have started to look forward to this technology as a game-changer for the entire music and entertainment industry.

How big would be the impact of blockchain?

Blockchain has just begun its headway into this industry. It has a long way to go and reform every aspect that has long been mishandled. Media & Entertainment industry involves a great workforce which often suffers untimely and unjustified wages. The working condition of those people would also be ameliorated by the implementation of blockchain. It would render this whole industry much more efficient and profitable.

With the implementation of blockchain, everything would be documented with smart contracts and every piece of work would be labeled. It would help artists get the due recognition and money for their creation. This technology has been hailed as revolutionary and reforming both, it indeed works this way for media & entertainment industry. Blockchain is going to greatly benefit this industry with enhanced revenue and better practices.

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