Daily Kos raises over $100,000 in 70 minutes to fight voter suppression in North Dakota

In the span of just over an hour, Daily Kos has already raised over $100,000 to defeat Republican-backed voter suppression in North Dakota. In partnership with North Dakota Native Vote, Daily Kos launched a push to raise funds for this effort to reach Native American voters to provide the free, updated identification cards made necessary by a recent U.S. Supreme Court move allowing implementation of North Dakota’s voter ID law.  

“Daily Kos was thrilled to partner with North Dakota Native Vote to help remedy this stark attempt at voter suppression,” said Daily Kos communications director Carolyn Fiddler. “North Dakota Republicans nakedly targeted Native Americans when they passed a law requiring voters to present ID cards bearing a residential street address before casting ballots. Since the U.S. Postal Service doesn’t provide residential delivery to many rural reservations and tribal communities, many tribal IDs use P.O. boxes, and the new law could lead to the disenfrachisement of some 70,000 Native voters.”

“Native American voting rights have been increasingly under attack in North Dakota due to the growing Native American voting block,” said North Dakota Native Vote executive director Marci McLean. “The Native vote can be the deciding factor in close races. The recent Supreme Court ruling sparked an uptick in national partnerships to fight for equitable access to election services in North Dakota to protect the rights we have and move towards equal access.”   

Daily Kos has led the way in supporting Democrats and progressive causes across the country this cycle, raising over $7.4 million for campaigns and candidates in 2017-2018.

North Dakota Native Vote advocates for political and economic empowerment and cultural self-determination for North Dakota’s Native Americans.

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