Auction Preview: Historical Manuscripts at Heritage Auctions, Dallas, Oct 25

What: Historical Manuscripts

Where: Heritage Auctions, 3500 Maple Avenue, 17th Floor Dallas, Texas 75219

When: October 25; 10.00 am CT

Top lots of the sale:

– Abraham Lincoln Autograph Letter Signed to General George McClellan. One-page, 5″ x 8″, Executive Mansion, Washington [DC]; October 29, 1862. In this letter, which appears to be Lincoln’s last written communication to General McClellan before he fired him a week later, the president acknowledges several recent communications from the general concerning troop movements into Virginia against General Robert E. Lee’s retreating Confederate Army of Northern Virginia after the Battle of Antietam. Estimate: $ 40,000

– “A. Einstein.” One page, 8.5″ x 11″. Princeton, N.J.; July 10, 1952. Addressed to Dr. Waldron Gardiner, Einstein replies to Gardiner’s letter of July 8 (retained carbon included), in regards to the General Theory of Relativity. Gardiner (d 1957), a pathologist in San Francisco, had sought further clarification on the theory and its “cosmological implications”, writing in part: ” Estimate: $ 18,000

– Robert E. Lee General Orders No. 9 Signed “R E Lee Genl.” One page, 7.75″ x 11.75″, Headquarters, Army of Northern Virginia [near Appomattox, Virginia]; April 10, 1865. This copy was issued to Captain Samuel B. Brown, Captain of the 39th Virginia Battalion. The 39th, known as “Lee’s Body Guard,” was a special operations unit that performed courier, escort, and guard duty. Written on blue stationery identical to the copies originally issued by Lee to his officers at Appomattox. Estimate: $ 15,000

– Thomas Jefferson Autograph Letter Signed “Th: Jefferson.” Two pages (both sides of a single sheet), 6.75″ x 8.75″, Paris; December 25, 1786. Letter from Jefferson, United States Minister to France, to C. W. F. Dumas, [Leyden, Holland], concerning Shays’ Rebellion and the financial situation in pre-revolutionary France and in the United States. Jefferson served as minister to France from 1785 to 1789. Estimate: $ 15,000

– John Adams Autograph Letter Signed “J. Adams.” Two pages, 7.25″ x 8.5″ (sight), Amsterdam; April 30, 1782. A letter from Adams, then serving as minister to the Netherlands, to John Bondfield, an American commercial agent in Bordeaux, France. Estimate: $ 15,000

– William B. Arnold of the 4th Massachusetts Cavalry Archive. An archive of approximately 100 letters, 9 GAR certificates, and Arnold’s appointment and discharge papers, two tin types and two pins, along with Arnold’s shell jacket, canteen, belt, and saber straps. The letters are addressed to members his family, and date from February 3 1864 to October 12, 1865. Arnold was mustered out of service on November 14, 1865 in Richmond. After the war, he served as GAR Post Commander #73. Estimate: $ 12,500

– John Dillinger Driver’s License Application Signed “John Dillinger”. Two pages (front and back) of a single, partially printed form, 5″ x 6″, Mooresville, Indiana; July 7, 1933. On the application, Dillinger describes himself as a 30-year-old white male, 5′ 7 ¾”, weighing 152 pounds, with brown hair and grey eyes. Dillinger had been driving motor vehicles for ten years before he received a formal license. Estimate: $ 7,500

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Founder: Louise Blouin


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