All The New Horror Rentals Available On VOD This Week

This week we’ve got a Blumhouse wide release hitting the platform, another Val Kilmer makeover and a few films that really call out to the cheap side of horror streaming.

Sometimes video on demand can give well made films, too auteur for mainstream theaters a voice. Other times, (like this week unfortunately) it can give malnourished films a place to die.

Damn, that sounded way more harsh than I wanted it too. Here’s this weeks horror rental offerings:

Malevolence 3: Killer (Available Now, $4.99 Amazon Prime)

The first Malevolence film was a complete surprise. I remember blind buying the DVD thinking I was probably wasting $7.99 and ending up stoked. I must have shown that film to four or five people over the years and I recommend checking it out. It’s about a bank robbery gone sour that leads into a slasher.

That being said Malevolence barely had the budget to pull off what it managed to and I’ve never felt inclined to watch the follow up without more resources being afforded to the crew. Anybody out there kept up with the franchise? Perhaps someday I’ll check out all three films.

Johnny Gruesome (October 16th)

The idea behind Johnny Gruesome had my interest peaked. That is, until I saw the production value of the trailer. I mean, I get what they were going for here. You just have to have better quality sound and acting if you’re going to ask people to pay money to view your film.

Unfriended: Dark Web (October 16th)

If we’re being honest with each other and I’d prefer that we are, everything about Unfriended: Dark Web screams cash grab shit movie. The trailer spoils most of the kills, no connection to the first film, found footage, super cheap to make, so on and so forth. But that’s why we watch the movies!

This one was a huge surprise, easy to watch and riveting for the most part from beginning to end. No-ones going to call it a classic but it is inventive and thrilling. Don’t feel bad renting it and watching it on a computer screen, either. It’ll only add to the effect. Do it at work! Damn the man! Full Video Review

High Voltage (October 19th)

David Arquette and Luke Wilson? In a horror movie? About a band!?? It sounds awesome but this whole thing is just an exercise in awkward and uncomfortable. It’s like having a conversation with someone in two completely different languages. They talk and act as if this were a punk band from the 80’s, yet sound as if Hanson made car wash commercials. Then there’s the synopsis:

After a lightning strike kills the lead singer of a band, she is resurrected with electrifying special abilities.

First thought…..Wes Craven’s Shocker was a blasty blast. Maybe High Voltage will be self aware and batshit crazy. Nope, this shit is taking itself very seriously.

Arquette and Wilson I’ve always felt are two underrated character actors who I’ll always root for. The truth is though… Arquette was hard to watch in this one, save for the scenes with Wilson. To be fair, the whole thing is pretty unwatchable.

The Super (October 19th)

Val Kilmer has been atleast six different people in my lifetime. Here, he looks like Doc Holliday survived Tombstone.

The sheer gall of the people who named this movie The Super. To think the world has forgotten the Joe Pesci classic is unjust. You never know with these things, but the trailer looks solid. I’ll check it out if given the chance. Plus, Val Kilmer was the bomb in The Saint, yo (High fives).

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