Rob Howe at Sophie Gannon Gallery, Melbourne

Sophie Gannon Gallery is showcasing Rob Howe’s new paintings, on view through September 1, 2018.

“Rob Howe zooms out from the singular abode and focuses his brush on the local community. In one painting, Evan, a man stands within the purple perimeter of his fence, looking slightly perplexed as he peers at us from below his thick-rimmed glasses. It feels as though we are a distant acquaintance standing on his porch, smiling awkwardly while we wait for his recognition. Walk down the road and you arrive at the local op shop, the ubiquitous red signage saliently sitting above a blurred figure in an equally ubiquitous high vis vest — a scene we’ve all seen. Responding to specific places, Howe’s gestural application of oil and shapely blocks of color create moments of abstraction within familiar streetscapes,” says the gallery.

Speaking about his works, the artist says, “I’m exploring areas of color that work together; making shapes of color. What I enjoy most about both making and looking at paintings is when I catch subconscious decisions struggling to come through.”

For Howe, the concept of ‘home’ is less about a place and more about – to quote “The Castle” again — “the vibe of the thing.” He further says, “I’m one of those people for whom home is more of a sense or feeling as opposed to any specific location or building. I’ve felt it even in places I have visited only fleetingly, and it’s a feeling of warmth and knowing. A sense of community strengthens this feeling.”

Sophie Gannon Gallery is a small contemporary gallery in Richmond that manages diverse range of artists. The gallery currently represents 22 Australian and New Zealand artists, ranging from the young and emerging to senior figures in contemporary art. The gallery hosts solo or curated exhibitions each month and shows a variety of mediums including painting, drawing, multimedia, sculpture and installation.

The exhibition will be on view through September 1, 2018, at Sophie Gannon Gallery, 2 Albert St, Richmond VIC 3121, Melbourne, Australia.

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Click on the slideshow for a sneak peek at the exhibition.

Founder: Louise Blouin

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