Q & A with Dr. Murray Sabrin

From immigrant to US Senate candidate, Dr. Sabrin knows the American dream.

source: facebook (Murray Sabrin for US Senate)

Each month at the Rouser Libertarian publication, the editorial team decides a remarkable individual who is expanding the cause of free markets and free minds so we can achieve a freer society. This month, we are privileged to speak to Dr. Murray Sabrin, Libertarian US Senate candidate from the state of New Jersey.

A little about Murray (from his website):

Moses Schabrinskj (Murray Sabrin) was two-and-half years old when he arrived in America from West Germany on a hot August day in 1949 with his older brother and his parents who survived the Holocaust.

After living on the Lower East Side in a three-room railroad apartment ($26 per month rent) and sharing a hallway bathroom with their neighbors, Murray and his family moved to the Bronx in 1953 after his younger brother was born in May.

In June 1959, Murray became a U.S. citizen when he raised his right hand in a Manhattan Federal courthouse and swore to uphold the U.S. Constitution…

Murray also is an enthusiastic supporter of the free enterprise system and thus supports reducing taxes as much as possible so individuals and families would keep more of their income to increase their living standards, save more for their future and increase their philanthropic donations. Businesses would benefit form lower tax rates by keeping more of their income to expand their operations, upgrade their equipment and hire more workers.

As a son of Holocaust survivors, Murray is a passionate defender of the right to self-defense, civil liberties and peaceful relations with other nations…

Remso W. Martinez: What was the big push that made you decide to run for office?

Murray Sabrin: The Libertarian Party leadership invited me, in January, to consider running for the US Senate to challenge Bob Menendez whose trial for corruption had just ended in a hung jury, even though the compelling evidence did not sway the jury. Nevertheless, Menendez is the poster boy for everything that is wrong with the federal government — the welfare-warfare state that is supported by both Democrats and Republicans. In fact, Menendez is one of the most hawkish members of the Senate and supports regime change in the Middle East, sanctions against, Iran, Russia, and Cuba, which punish innocent people.

RWM: It must have been a proud moment when you swore in as a citizen in 1959. Do you think immigrants coming into the United States view our nation the same way they did generations ago?

MS: Becoming a US citizen nearly 60 years ago has more meaning for me today than when I swore to uphold the principles of the Constitution. Our nation needs a strong voice for constitutional principles — all the freedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, and a federal budget that adheres to the authorized spending limits under Art. I, Sec. 8. I hope I can be that voice starting next year.

I would hope so! We came to America in 1949, several years after my parents lived through the worst period in human history, which took the lives of all their family members. America was the beacon of liberty and opportunity for them. I believe virtually all immigrants are seeking a better life for their families just like my parents and others who came to America decades ago. We came to America after receiving “papers” sponsoring our entry into the US. A refugee agency helped us settle into our new homeland. This is the way to deal with immigration, which would create a sensible way for families overseas to come to America legally.

RWM: You ran for governor several decades ago and for US Senate in 2008, why did you decide to run once again?

MS: After running as a Republican for the US Senate, I realized the deck is stacked against pro-liberty candidates in the primaries who are not part of the “club.” The political insiders are not driven by the issues and have an enormous influence on the primary process. I decided to run as a Libertarian this year. I have been a libertarian for nearly fifty years, and I believe I can spread the message of liberty in New Jersey so we can begin the transition to a free society.

RWM: What is the biggest difference between you and your Democrat opponent?

MS: The Senate Ethics Committee admonished the Democratic incumbent for his unethical conduct and illegal acts over the past few years. He is a supporter of the neoconservative agenda for regime change in the Middle East. He supports Wall Street bailouts and corporate welfare. He has given “aid and comfort” to an Iranian Marxist-Leninist terrorist group, MEK, which has called Americans overseas and has been implicated in assassinating Iranian scientists. The incumbent also is covering up the names of members of Congress who have been found guilty of sexual harassment. The Congress has paid $17 million to settle these suits. Taxpayers have paid for the egregious behavior of members of Congress. The incumbent epitomizes everything that is wrong with the federal government. He had not lifted one finger to restore constitutional principles and is an unapologetic warmonger.

RWM: What about your Republican opponent?

MS: The Republican candidate is a virtual blank slate on the great issues facing the country. He calls himself a libertarian but supports the welfare state. Instead of spending millions of his own money on his campaign, he could have partnered with big box stores, houses of worship and other institutions to create dozens of nonprofit health centers throughout the state, which would reduce the need to tax New Jerseyans billions of dollars to pay for Medicaid. In addition, the GOP candidate’s stockbroker called a popular blogger on the West Coast asking him what are Murray’s three or four major issues, the candidate would embrace them and thus Murray could drop out of the race. Was this a bribe attempt? Let’s have New Jersey voters decide.

RWM: If elected, what is the one piece of legislation you would want to pass if nothing else?

MS: There are so many pressing issues that need to be addressed. On the domestic front, my universal credit for donations to nonprofits, would begin the phasing out of the welfare state and help people become financially independent. Second, on foreign policy, we need to bring the troops home and make sure that we abolish endless military intervention.

RWM: Everyone assumes Justice Ginsburg is the next to go on the Supreme Court, who would you recommend replacing her or any other outgoing SCOTUS Justice with if you had the POTUS’ ear?

MS: Any jurist who is an unequivocal supporter of the Bill of Rights. This would help, but not guarantee, that our constitutional rights are protected from the federal government’s ongoing assault on our rights.

RWM: Why should voters in and outside of your state support your campaign?

MS: As a US Senator, I believe I would be one of the greatest voices for liberty in our country’s history. The opportunity to debate Sen. Bernie Sanders on the floor of the Senate — libertarianism vs. socialism — should motivate voters in New Jersey and around the country to donate to our campaign in the last few weeks to help me win. Our message — universal credits for charitable contributions — is resonating across the political spectrum. We need to reach all 5.8 million voters in the state so we can get to message to them because the mainstream print media have blacked out my campaign. Thus, we need to go directly to the people on radio and television. If we can raise several hundred thousand dollars immediately, voters throughout the state will embrace our message. Please donate at

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