A clash of expectations, ethics, law, and business

We tend to accept or overlook hypocrisy in our healthcare system way too often. For example, we invent technologies we cannot afford to use. We find cures we can’t cure ourselves with.

We set prices on healthcare too high and yet we complain that it is so expensive. We expect others to pay for our healthcare and we create entitlement programs where only abusers of the system benefit from it.

Why do we do these things?

Expectation, opportunity, dependence and abuse

These are some of the words that describe some of the reasons why there is a clash. If we take these words out of our vocabulary we could easily achieve a universal health for all.

If we think more clearly, we have the privilege of outing bad people and putting them away behind bars, but only if we pay for it. Obviously criminals won’t put themselves away!

In the past hard labor was the job of prisoners but over time it was voted unethical and considered form slavery. Execution / capital punishment has been reserved for extreme cases and dying away. Despite being said even prisons said to have some kind of copay or at least had to consider:

Healthcare given to them is by the book, legal, and fixed. Physicians treating them must be qualified and knowledgeable as they must be on the outside.

The number of prisoners is only fraction of the total population so funds allocated from tax payer’s money are limited for a limited choice.

It sounds perfect that if prisoners get the best healthcare at the expense of tax payer then it should work for whole population too!?

But it is too good to be true. Prisoners don’t have options; they have expectations that are not skyrocketing. Prisoners are in limited numbers relative to the whole population.

The only way this could work (as simple as it is for prisoners) in general public is to have a totalitarian system of government. Is that what we want?

We can’t have it both ways .If we try to implement a hybrid system where entitlement program on top of private choice then we will encounter an abusive phenomenon.

Abusing the system

For example : we are all aware of the sector or public in certain states where they will receive free healthcare through Medicaid and even financial support if they are single mother and have kids.

Although ethically it is great to help a single mom who can’t work but unfortunately some will avoid getting officially married to get the benefits, receive cash income, avoid tax payments especially if illegal.

Some even use fake social security numbers. Even if the intention was good but, result is abuse.

Here’s an example of an extreme case of this. Here’s an obvious example of political paranoia .

Unfortunately hypocrisy is deeply rooted our culture. We simply can’t make our minds up.

We need to have a free choice, more options , individual power , devoid of politics, greed and description.

Our mission is to bring everyone together where opportunities are equally distributed, Physicians and patients empowered without political agenda. #HCWB #Healthcarewithoutborders

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