Candidates Square Off, WA Dems Launch #TeamDino Site, and More GOP Silence on Kavanaugh

Week in Review: September 22, 2018

KATU Recaps WA-03 Candidate Forum: Carolyn Long “Has A Real Chance” of Flipping the District

Carolyn Long — who spent over two decades teaching at WSU Vancouver — is working overtime to flip WA-03, holding more than 35 town halls across Southwest Washington (reminder that Republican incumbent Congresswoman Herrera Beutler hasn’t held an in-person town hall since January 2017). On Tuesday, Carolyn went head-to-head with her opponent at a candidate forum in Woodland, Washington.

WATCH KATU’s POST-FORUM VIDEO — ”the race is in the ‘lean Republican’ column right now, but that is down from ‘likely Republican win’ just a few months ago.”

Carolyn greeting a supporter at Tuesday’s candidate forum.

The room was packed during the forum, and it’s clear that voters in Southwest Washington want to hear from the candidates. That’s why Carolyn Long, in addition to holding town halls all across the district, is pushing for a real debate with Herrera Beutler. But the Republican Congresswoman has so far refused to agree to a full debate.

In fact, Herrera Beutler flat out ignored a debate invitation from the League of Women Voters of Clark County, forcing the group to cancel the debate.

Lisa Brown Lights Up Cathy McMorris Rodgers During Debate

“Washington voters need results, not talking points.”

On Wednesday in Spokane, Lisa Brown gave us a taste of what real change in Eastern Washington could look like if she unseats 14-year Republican Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers in November.

Predictably, Cathy McMorris Rodgers employed the distorted, scorched earth strategy we’ve seen the Republican Congressional Leadership Fund roll out in its scramble to save Cathy’s seat.

Luckily for us, this time Lisa — the first Democratic woman to become Senate Majority Leader in the Washington State Legislature and former Washington State University Chancellor — was there to set the record straight.

On Veterans & the VA

On Health Care

Truth does matter. And the truth is Cathy McMorris Rodgers voted to deny healthcare to people with pre-existing conditions and privatize Medicare.

WA Democrats Launch #TeamDino

You read that right. This week, we launched our #TeamDino campaign and the companion website to expose the real members of #TeamDino.

You can watch the Facebook Live launch of here.

For the last six months, Republican Dino Rossi has used the hashtag #TeamDino all over his social media posts, garnering more than 100,000 impressions on Twitter in the past week alone. Unfortunately for Rossi’s campaign, they forgot to buy the domain name to go along with their popular hashtag.

Check out the #TeamDino roster — and share the new website on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using the hashtag #TeamDino.

You can help us continue to get the word out about Republicans like Dino Rossi and grow our field program to make sure we get out the vote in every corner of the state by making a donation today.

MIKE PENCE— An early investor in Rossi’s congressional campaign, Pence knows that if Rossi gets to Congress, he’ll be a rubber stamp for the Trump-Pence agenda.

CHARLES AND DAVID KOCH — A pair of billionaire financiers who fund the campaigns of ideologically rigid right-wing candidates in races across the country, and have gone all in for Rossi.

DONALD TRUMP— At the 2016 Republican National Convention, Rossi was a Trump delegate who quashed attempts by other Republicans to nominate another candidate. Trump repaid Rossi by donating to his campaign.

MATT SHEA — A Rossi supporter. The two spoke at the Douglas County Republicans’ Lincoln Day dinner in May, with Matt Shea calling for secession and Dino Rossi seemingly going along with it.

MATT MANWELLER— Fired from CWU after a series of sexual harassment claims, Manweller was previously a top advisor to Rossi, and Rossi proudly touted Manweller’s endorsement in a recent press release.

PAUL RYAN— Such a fan of Dino Rossi, Ryan’s super PAC put $3.5 million into ad buys for Rossi’s campaign. Paul Ryan knows Rossi will favor tax cuts for corporations at the expense of the middle class.

KEVIN MCCARTHY— As House Majority Leader, McCarthy wants Rossi in Congress. He’s helped fundraise for Rossi here in Washington State, and his PAC has donated thousands to Rossi’s campaign.

PETER ZIEVE— Discriminatory employer and an anti-Muslim extremist, Zieve is a huge supporter of Dino Rossi. He’s given Rossi’s campaign the maximum donation allowed by law.

Radio Silence from WA GOP Candidates on Kavanaugh Sexual Assualt Allegations — Still Pushing for Speedy Confirmation

Christine Blasey Ford bravely came forward to share her story with the world. She deserves better than radio silence from Washington Republicans. With a Committee vote on Kavanaugh’s nomination still looming, it is critical Washington Republicans clarify whether they still hold the position — as Susan Hutchison, Dan Newhouse, and Cathy McMorris Rodgers stated in July — that Kavanaugh should be nominated ‘quickly’ and ‘without delay.’”

Watch video of Republican Susan Hutchison.

The #1 issue STILL LISTED on Hutchison’s website?

Earlier this week, Washington State Democrats also called for clarification from the rest of the Washington Congressional Republicans and candidates, including Jaime Herrera Beutler and Dino Rossi.

During Tuesday’s candidate forum with Carolyn Long, Jaime Herrera Beutler said that she is leaning toward supporting Kavanaugh.

Politifact: ‘Mostly True’ Rossi Took Away Health Care from 45,000 WA Children

According to Politifact, a new ad claiming that Dino Rossi supported a measure resulting in 45,000 children losing health care is “mostly true.”

As Chairman of the Senate Ways and Means Committee, Rossi proposed cutting Medicaid by $50 million, and the measure he ultimately supported resulted in tens of thousands of Washington kids losing health care. Slashing health care for 45,000 kids is a key part of Rossi’s record in the State Legislature, and one that Washington’s 8th Congressional District in particular needs to hear.


Women of Valor with Senators Cantwell and Duckworth

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Rise & Organize

This week, we saw Democratic Candidates Lisa Brown and Carolyn Long fighting their hearts out in their first debates in Spokane and Woodland — doing everything they could to “leave it all on the field.”

It is more important than ever that you let Democratic women candidates like Lisa and Carolyn — who are fighting to win some of the most competitive Congressional races in the country — know that you have their back.

Let’s be clear: no one can win these battles alone. Building a movement requires a team — and Washington State’s opportunity to flip these districts may not come again for another generation.

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