Ralph Stanley Elrod kills 2 officers before firing at more with AR-15 in newly released video

Sept. 19 (UPI) — Georgia prosecutors released dashcam video of a man shooting two police officers before going back to his house to get an AR-15 rifle to shoot at more officers.

The Peach County District Attorney’s Office released the video after Ralph Stanley Elrod, Jr. pleaded guilty earlier this month to the Nov. 6, 2016 shooting, in which deputies Daryl Smallwood and Patrick Sondron were killed.

The video begins with witness footage of Eldron in front of his house as he holds a gun and threatens to shoot motor bikers, who were driving on the street in front of his home.

“You can’t run this [expletive, expletive] up and down…[in front of] my house,” Elrod said. “I’m gonna kill your [expletive] ass!”

The video later cuts to police dashcam video of Sondron telling Eldron that he saw the video of him making threats.

“Just so you know, you’re under arrest,” Sondron said.

“No, I’m not,” Elrod replied.

But as Sondron reaches to grab Elrod’s arm, he takes a Glock 43 pistol out of his back pocket and shoots Sondron and Smallwood.

The video then shows Elrod, a white-haired, 57-year-old electrician, running out of his house, armed with two AR-15s and a bulletproof vest. He takes cover in front of the police vehicle and fires multiple shots at police officers who were called to the scene.

He eventually stops firing and surrenders.

Elrod was arrested after the shooting.

Sondron, 41, died that day, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. Smallwood, 39, died two days later.

Sondron, a married father of three, was a U.S. Air Force veteran and 13-year member of the Peach County Sheriff’s Office.

Smallwood, a father of three, had several years of experience in law enforcement and was engaged to be married.

Prosecutors had previously said that they would not accept a plea deal for the killings, but families of the fallen deputies said they did not want to sit through a trial.

Under the plea deal, Elrod was given two life without parole sentences.

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