DeSantis Backer Uses N-Word, Then Asks Why Whites Can’t Use It

Steven M. Alembik, courtesy of RawStory

Since he became the Republican nominee for governor of Florida last month, Ron DeSantis has made no secret of his racism, from his “monkey it up” crack regarding his opponent, African-American Andrew Gillum, on Fox News, to suggesting that immigrants are child molesters. In addition to those, he has also run a Tea Party Facebook group where posters regularly used racially charged language and spoken at conferences organized by racist activist David Horowitz. 

Now he finds himself in even more hot water, as one of his donors, Republican activist Steven M. Alembik, has been caught using the N-word on Twitter. Alembik, who has donated more than $20k to the DeSantis campaign, tweeted the word on September 8th in response to a Republican National Committee tweet that criticized Obama‘s speech in Illinois as “divisive & resentful.”

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