Debating with a Trump Supporter is Like Debating with a Flat-Earther

In today’s toxic political environment, one common pastime you see online (especially on Twitter and Facebook) are debates between those who oppose the current U.S. president and those who vigorously support him. I have regrettably and embarrassingly contributed far more than I care to admit to the Facebook algorithms that continue to dump my feed with the cesspool of ridiculous nationalistic memes.

But as I recently have read all the hateful, racist, and misogynistic viewpoints spewing from the fingertips of Trump supporters in the wake of McCain’s death, Kaepernick’s Nike ad, and now Kavanaugh’s hearing and allegations of sexual assault, I came to an epiphany (well, I actually came to this epiphany the week of McCain’s death, but the recent Kavanaugh hearings just solidified it for me.)

Debating a Trump supporter is literally like debating with a flat-earther. You can’t use reason and logic. You can’t use recorded video and audio that demonstrably show how horrible an American, leader, or even human being he is. It doesn’t even matter if you traditionally vote Republican and uphold what some would consider true conservative values. If you speak out against Trump in any way, to them, you are an infidel.

At this point in the game, anyone who still vehemently supports Donald Trump lacks either the intellectual capacity, morality, and/or grip of reality to waste your time. So why bother.

They are a lost cause. Just move on.

Getting Out Guilt-Free

I have always felt it was my duty to try to “understand the other side.” To keep open the channels of discussion. Isn’t that what a good citizen of the social media world should do? Get out of your echo chamber and engage with those that have opposing views?”

Yes. And I still believe that.

But this new epiphany is different. It FREES me. It frees me from the sense of obligation to “hear the other side,” when the person on the other side is wearing a MAGA hat.

I will gladly continue to engage in civil, even if provocative debates with those who differ from me on issues of politics, religion, food, the arts, etc. Just not with a supporter of Donald Trump.

And If I ever get that tinge of guilt at not hearing out what some Trump supporter has to say, I just remember—Trump supporter = flat-earther.

I then can then move on… guilt-free.

So dear interwebs. Consider this a friendly reminder.

(And to those out there who believe the earth is flat, I apologize for the comparison. If it is any consolation, I believe you are exponentially more intelligent and reasonable than a Trump Supporter.)

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